COMPLETE Habits Challenge

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description


This 6 week challenge is meant to build lasting nutrtion habits through knowedge, accountability, interaction, and implentation. 

COMPLETE Habits Winners 

1 winner will be determined by improvement through InBody assessment 

1 winner will be determined by total HABITS based points accumulated 

Winners will win AWESOME prizes! 

COMPLETE Habits Timeline

Tuesday December 3rd

  • Registration OPENS on Competition Corner 

Sunday December 8th

  • Registration CLOSES 

Monday December 9th - Friday December 13th 

  • Completion of Questionairres 
  • In-Body assessments 
  • Formation of accountability groups 

Friday December 13th- Friday Jan 24th 

  • Week 1-6 of COMPLETE HABITS Challenge 

COMPLETE Habits Outline 

Before the challenge begins on Friday, December 13th we will help all participants 

  • Register on Competition Corner 
  • Complete an InBody assessment 
  • Form a personal accountability group 
  • Join Habits FB group (if you want to!) 

Every Friday morning, beginning December 13th, a weekly challenge packet will be delivered to you via our Habits Facebook Group AND/OR email. (You do not need Facebook to participate)  

This weekly packet will contain material, objectives, and ways to earn points for that week. 

Upon completion of the 7 day cycle, every Friday you are also responsible for posting your weekly score accumulated through assignments and habits that week on Competition Corner  

This flow of Friday to Friday will take place for 6 weeks building habits and accumulating knowledge, new skills, and points!

Following the final week, we will help each participant 

  • Complete a 2nd InBody assessment to track progress
  • Tally all HABITS based points 
  • Name winners and carry all our HABITS into 2020!