Semper Paratus Challenge 2020 2's Online Qualifier

Event description

The online qualifier for the 2020 2's. The Semper Paratus challenge is going to pairs in 2020.

Pairs will be of same sex in the following divisions:

Rx (see below for details on finals qualifying which has an intermediate division).



Masters Divisions:




The Online qualifier will be used to aid in having teams qualify in the appropriate division.


At this stage, we are aiming to have the top 20-25 Pairs in both male and female divisions go in our "Rx" divisions for the finals. The next 20-25 teams will compete in the Intermediate division.


Some workouts might have "subs" this means you can sub a movement for another at higher reps and stay in the running for the top divisions. For example if we did Amanda in the online qualifier which is 9-7-5 Muscle and Squat Snatch 60kg/40kg then we might allow bar muscle ups but you have to do 15-12-9 or we might say burpee pull ups at 21-15-9 reps, either way for the top pairs the "rx" standard will be faster then any sub'd option.


If you are aiming for the beginners division you will have scaling and variations on the "rx" qualifying workouts. The top 20 "scaled teams" will go through to the finals in the beginner category.


Masters - We have 3 categories as listed above (I know thats tough if you are at the end of an age group, but logistically we cannot have that many divisions this year). You must enter the age at which you will be competing when the qualifier starts. There will be varied scaling for the masters divisions along with "Subs" for movements. With the "sub'd" movements we aim to provide something everyone can do so that the leaderboard doesn't reward 1 rep of one movement over someone completing the whole thing using sub'd movements at higher reps.



Top ten teens teams will be taken in both the male pairs and female pairs divisions.



We will not be making any refunds for the online qualifier. If you have extenuating circumstances please email


Substitution Policy For the Finals

1 sub for the finals will only be allowed due to injury (with proof of injury) that sub MUST complete the online qualifier to be eligible to sub in for the finals. We really don't want people using top level athletes to qualify and then have them sub out, this is not what our competition is about.



Workouts will be released on the 21st of February at 10am Brisbane time.



We reserve the right to adjust the numbers for qualification. There might be a case where we have fewer teams in certain divisions etc and to balance the event changes might be made. We will make every attempt to keep to the numbers identified.


Selecting your division:

If you are unsure whether to compete in the Rx or open division which will have subs for difficult movements please consider the following.


You should register in beginners if you cannot do any of the following:

20 Unbroken Double Unders

Pull ups

Squat Snatches or Overhead squats

Thrusters at 42.5kg/30kg

Dumbbell push presses with 2 x 22.5kg/15kg dumbbells

Synchro movements with a partner (ie TTB, Pull Ups etc)


What division do I go in?


An example of workouts is:

RX Division, Masters 35-45


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
Squat snatch

Male 60kg

Female 42.5kg

Substitution movements 

18-14-10 Bar Muscle Up for Ring Muscle Ups (scored at 2:1) or,

27-21-15 Burpee Pull Ups for  Ring muscle ups (scored at 3:1)

27-21-15 Power Snatch 52.5kg/35kg in place of Squat Snatch

You can do burpee pull ups coupled with squat snatches at rx weight if muscle ups cannot be performed.

Variations for divisions:

Teens, Masters 46-55, Masters 55+, Beginners


Ground to overhead 

Pull Up


Masters 46-55 40kg/30kg 

Teens 40kg/30kg

Beginners & Masters 55+ 30kg/20kg (scaling allowed to jumping pull up, scaled scores will be below all "rx" scores)


The beginners division is for “beginner competitors” not beginner CrossFitters that have been doing CrossFit for less than 3 months.


You should register in Masters or teens if you fall within that age group, subs and suitable level workouts will be provided.