2020 FFL YVR S1-WK1 - Location 2

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The FFL Open Team Ranker is our new way of ensuring your team gets put in an appropriate division against teams of a similar level. 

Have all the athletes of your team register for the OTR
Any solo athletes, or those without a team, can still register and get on their affiliate roster for stage 2
If you already know your FFL team - great! Ensure they all register for the OTR to ensure your team gets appropraitely ranked :)
All 3 events will be done in a single 60 minute window
Event 1: Strength Test

It will be a 1-3 rep max in one of the major barbelll lifts, or a short barbell complex 
Event 2: Gymnastics & Conditioning

Max unbroken reps of a gymnastics movements right into max calories / reps / distance of a monostructural movement 
Example:3 minute running clock
Single set unbroken Pullups (3 points per rep)DI: CTB
DIII: Banded
Right into max calorie assault bike in remaining time (1 point per calorie)
Event 3: Classic WOD

A classic couplet or triplet 21-15-9 style workout or AMRAP in the 4-12 minute time domain
Once all the scores are submitted we will pull all the athlete stats & list them under an affiliate roster
You can then use our team builder to build your team roster of 3 males & 3 females (with the option to declare 2 extra single use subs)
Your team will be ranked based on the individual finish of each athlete on it across the events
Matches will be every 2 weeks across 6 weeks (3 matches)
Each match will include 3 events (2 new formats + 1 classic FFL style workout)
Dates & times will be announced prior to season startIE: Sundays from 12-2pm Pool A and 2-4pm Pool B @ location (1 valley + 1 city)
4-6 Teams will come together at one affiliate (like a mini 2 hour playoffs)
There will be an FFL Facilitator on site to manage flow & ensure consistent standards
the lower 2-3 ranked teams will go first (subs from the top 2 teams will judge) then the top 2 teams will do the same event
Teams will alternate this way, completing 3 workouts each
Teams will be ranked for their finish not only within the 4-6 teams on site, but all other matches @ other locations
Event 1: Max Lift
Team: 2M + 2F
Format: 2017 IF3 World Championships Team Strength Test

Format will follow similar to Test 2 Strength here
A team of 4 athletes will share a 15kg barbell
They will have 12 minutes for everyone on the team to hit a max lift
Once an attempt has been made at a weight, the barbell may not decrease from that weight
Score will be the heaviest succesful lift by each athlete
Event 2: Mixed Unbroken Relay
Team: 3 Athletes (minimum 1 of each sex)
Format: IF3 Mixed relay / bodyweight capacity 

Workout will be a simple couplet or triplet to be completed for time - with designated sets (similar to Test 3 bodyweight capacity)
Example:For time:
100 Wallballs (Sets of 20)
100 Pullups (sets of 12/8)
The first athlete will begin with a set of 20 wallballs, followed by the next athlete, then the next
Lower divisions will not require the sets to be unbroken, higher divisions mayIf the athlete does not complete the set unbroken, the set counts for 0
Athletes will move through in order, but an athlete may 'opt out' of attempting a set 
If an athlete opts out, or cannot complete the designated set, they will move to the back of the lineat least 1 'attempt' must be made before an athlete can opt out of the set
Event 3: FFL Classic Team
Team: 2M + 2F
Format: Classic team of 4 FFL season workout 

The final event will be a classic team style workout similar to previous FFL seasons 
Formats may include:2 teams of 2 synchro (amrap or for time)
1 athlete works at a time while another does max reps / cals / distance 
Individual athlete sprints / waterfall 
See 2019 YVR Season 2 for examples (note: it will NOT be the cardio+lift (first) event format)
Coming soon...
The innagural 2020 season will be focused purely on a 3 match season (like 3x mini 2 hour playoffs).

Depending on registration volume there may be a playoff added OR we will run multiple seasons, and then invite teams to a larger playoff event (possibly across multiple regions).