Fitness Races 2020 Q1

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

6 workouts for time. Every second counts. Let's race!


Fitness Races is a fitness competition that is objectively measured and always for time. There are no technical movement standards and no judgement calls. Just work. Measured and timed. All movements are Point A to Point B. Fitness Races will use Sleds instead of Squats, Rope Climbs instead of Pull-ups, etc.


Fitness Races 2020 Q1 is our first competition of 2020. The competition will consist of 6 workouts. All six workouts will be released at 8:00pm on the first day of the first quarter, January 1. All results will be due by 8:00pm on the last day of the first quarter, March 31. 


Multiple results may be submitted for each workout prior to the deadline. Your best result for each workout will be scored. Your combined time from all six workouts will determine your ranking. Fastest combined time wins. All six workouts must be completed.


There will be Prescribed, Intermediate and Scaled options for each workout.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the Male and Female Champions!



  • Early Bird Registration through December 31: $10
  • January 1-31: $15
  • February 1-29: $20
  • March 1-30: $25


Register early and save! There are no registration refunds.