Battle of Baltimore 2020

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

For the first time ever, Battle of Baltimore has 3 Divisions! 

Masters (35+)

Each team must have one M or F in their team of three.
Masters: everyone on the team must be 35 or over on the day of the event. 

The first place team in the Masters and RX divisions will win $500!! This year, prizes will also be given out to the event winner of each workout in ALL divisions. 

There will be 3 Team WOD’s and 3 Floaters (short individual). The three team WOD’s and two of the floater WOD’s will be announced a week before the competition.

The last floater WOD will not be announced until WOD#1 and WOD #2 are complete, the day of the competition.

Floater WOD Rules- All floater WOD’s will be single person events. Only 1 teammate can compete in each floater WOD. Example: Team WOD Ripper has three athletes A, B and C. If A does floater WOD #1 and C does floater WOD#2 then B must do floater WOD #3.

Floater WOD #1 must be complete during WOD#1

Floater WOD #2 must be completed during WOD #2

Floater WOD #3 must be completed during WOD #3

Each team will have a designated spot inside the gym. 

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...