CrossFit Barbell Bros. Invitational 2019

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

"Hey crew!
Like last year, we are again hosting a 4-team competition this year. Two weeks after the CrossFit Open, there will once again be a Saturday full of sport, fun and sweat! You have the choice between RX and Scaled and can freely put together your team, as far as you are four and min. a woman / min. a man is there. The events are programmed so that not everyone has to master all movements (with the corresponding weights) - but at least two of you.
Rough Requirements RX (in MetCon): Snatch 60 / 42.5kg; Clean 80 / 57.5kg; Deadlift 120 / 85kg; HSPUs; Muscle-ups ...
Rough Requirements SC (in MetCon): Snatch 40 / 30kg; Clean 50 / 40kg; Deadlift 80 / 60kg; Pull-ups; Push-ups ..."

What: CrossFit Barbell Bros Invitational 2019
Where: Crossfit Barbell Bros Erlenbach, In the Lachen 2, 74235 Erlenbach
When: 23.11.2019, full-day competition, (exact schedule will follow after registration deadline)
Categories: RX and Scaled
Teams: 4-man teams, at least one man or woman (FFMM, FMMM, FFFM)
Who: CFBB and about 16 more invited boxes - each box may report an RX and a Scaled team

We look forward to seeing you!
Your Barbell Bros.