The Poseidon Games 2021

Event description


The Poseidon Games is back for the second year from the 4th to 6th of September! This is a same-sex pairs CrossFit Competiton run out of CrossFit Wicklow in Wicklow Town. For our second year, we have some exciting additions to the timetable, format and experience of the competition!

Find a brief outline of the weekend below! 

Friday Evening (4th) - Check-In and Guest Workshop 

The evening before the competition we will be hosting a guest workshop with some of the leading figures from the Irish functional fitness scene. 

The workshop will last approx 2 hours and will be sold independently of competitor tickets. More information on this event will be available closer to the time. 

We will have early registration open from Friday afternoon during which athletes can collect their goodie bags and any merchandise that was pre-ordered! (More on merch to follow). 


Saturday (5th) - Scaled Competition 

This division is for the first-timers, the casual competitors but most importantly the scalers! 

Sunday (6th) - Intermediate Competition

This division will contain everything that makes competitive CrossFit the great spectator sport that it is! Expect everything from Rope Climbs and Pistols to Heavy Cleans and Over Head Squats.

All information will be released on our social media platforms on the lead up to the competition as well as being emailed out to ticket holders. Make sure you follow the Poseidon Games on Instagram to stay up to date!

What's new?

This year we’ve kept all the things that made our first year incredible and added to them! Some of the new exciting additions are listed below:

1 - Masters Category! There will now be a winning Scaled Masters and Inter Masters team on top of your Scaled and Inter winners. One team member must be over 35 and the other over 40, or both over 40. 

2 - An increase from 120 Teams to 140 Teams across the weekend

3 - Poseidon Games T-Shirts will be available to pre-order when purchasing a ticket

4 - Food! We will have a food truck on site this year to feed athletes, spectators and volunteers.

Information on our refund policy, subs and ethos!

Please find below an overview of our Terms and Conditions for The Poseidon Games 2020.

Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Once a division is full we will have a waiting list.

Tickets are non-refundable. If you are unable to compete and choose to sell on your ticket you must make contact with The Poseidon Games organising team and inform them of the changes including all contact details of the new ticket holder. 

In the event that a teammate drops out and is replaced by a new athlete, it is the ticket holders responsibility to contact the Poseidon Games organising team with the contact details of the substitute athlete.

All competitors must sign a waiver prior to the event. Failure to sign will result in your team being refused entry. The waiver will be sent out in the weeks before the competition.

The Poseidon Games reserve the right to admission and any behaviour deemed to be disruptive to the experience of Athletes, Volunteers or Staff will be dealt with accordingly.

The motto of The Poseidon Games is ‘do it with a smile’ we expect all athletes, spectators, volunteers and organisers to uphold this motto in all interactions and activities across the weekend. 

If you've read this far, fair play. Now, what are you waiting for? 

See you in September,

The Poseidon Games team