Event description

Event details:

Compex Box Challenge is a Team competition.

The Compex Box Challenge is a two day, high intensity athletic competition involving some of the strongest athletes from all over the world in one exciting, adrenaline filled weekend.


The team must be composed of minimum three, maximum four women and men, during each workout 3 people from the same team will compete. The athletes may not be substituted during a wod. Substitutions may be effected between wods only.

The presence on the competition floor of at least one woman must be ensured. The formation of the teams should be as follows: MMMF / MMFF / FFFM or MMF / FFM.

Teams that do not comply with these criteria will not be admitted. 




-MASTER (The accumulated age for the master category must be minimum of 105yrs for the 3 athletes competing in each wod)




The podium of all categories will be awarded with cash and or material prizes offered by the event partners.


The participation fee for Compex Box Challenge is:

€ 280

When: 24-25 Apr 2021

Where: Piacenza trade fair center: Località le Mose, Via Tirotti, 11, 29122 Piacenza PC