Flatwater Series

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

Our first event of the Flatwater Freestyle Series has begun!

This week there is a simple "workout"/challenge to get everyone familiar with the competition layout and purpose. All you have to do is register, then put in the number of days("reps") you paddled last week.

The next challenge will be revealed on November 7th. From that day, you will have two weeks to complete this challenge, and upload your points("reps")/video.


Prizes will be given out at random to participants.

So register now, it's Free!

The Flatwater Freestyle Series is intended as a friendly competition to encourage paddlers from other communites to test their ability in multiple aspects of flatwater kayaking.

This competition series will consist of three events that test a paddlers flatwater paddling abilities from basic skills to advanced playboating moves. 

Check out the "Workout" section to view the challenge.