2019 | Two Eleven Games - Online Qualifier

Virtual Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

Two Eleven - Online Qualifier is for everyone!

Any athletes wishing to compete in the Rx'd or Opens divisions will complete the same workouts throughout the qualifier. These workouts will be inclusive and programmed at a similar level to the 2019 Open.

Typically athletes will see workouts beginning with movements which can be performed by the vast majority of athletes, with the possibility of more difficult movements showing up towards the end of the workout.

So we can find the hardest workers in the room we are injecting a few new and challenging ways to maintain the simplicity while increasing the intensity to an all new level.

The majority of competitors will be hard at work earning as many reps as possible with these more simple inclusive movements and challenges with only the most well rounded athletes expected to reach the more technical stage of the workouts.

You're final scores will place you directly into the division you are most suited, for example:

Qualifing Spots

Rx'd: Top 1 - 16 Athletes

Open: Top 17 - 40 Athletes

Intermediate (beginners): 41 - 56 

Intro Athletes: Masters, Teens: 30 

Example workout you will see in the qualifier:


For Time:

24/18 cal row

8 burpee box over

15 Hang Snatch 30/20kg


24/18 cal row

8 burpee box over

12 thrusters 40/30kg


24/18 cal row

8 burpee box over

9 Shoulder to overhead 50/40kg


Refund Policy
Due to the costs incurred in creating the event,  once an athlete / team has chosen to sign up to take part, no refunds will be made. Should an athlete / team be successful in the online qualifier, a further registration will be payable to go on and compete in the finals.


In the event an athlete also earns a qualifying spot as an individual and elects to go indy1 (or in the case of injury), ONE team member may be replaced with a substitute for the finals.

Qualifying Rules
Workout release / score submissions

Workout Release Dates
Week 1: November 29th - Dec 3rd
Week 2: December 6th - 10th
Week 3: December 13th - 17th

All workouts will be released on Friday at 8:00am AEST

Score submissions will close Tuesday 12:00am AEST. No score submissions will be accepted beyond this cut off.

All athletes will be required to film all workouts, with one workout to be called on at the completion of the qualifier god video review.

Video Review
Good video: The athlete meets all movement standards and repetitions - Result accepted.

Minor penalty: During the workout the athlete exhibits 1-4 no reps which will be removed, with the score being adjusted.

Major penalty: The athlete demonstrates 5+ no rep during the workout. Up to a 15% score reduction may be issued and applied to the score accordingly.

Invalid: Over the course of the workout the athlete fails to complete the workout correctly. A significant and unacceptable number of no reps are demonstrated. In this event the score will be rejected and the athletes score will be removed.

The judges decision is final and no appeal process may be entered into once the judging team has completed their review. It is the athlete's responsibility to show clearly in their video (and beyond any doubt) that they met all the movement standards laid out in the workout description and completed the workout in good faith.

Q: Can I compete in multiple divisions within the online qualifier?
A: YES, an athlete may compete in multiple divisions. Should they qualify for the finals in more than one division, they will choose which invite they will accept to take up for the finals.

Q: Can I compete in multiple divisions within the finals?
A: No

Q: Can I replace a team member for the finals?
A: Yes, ONE team member may be replaced within a Pair, and ONE male and ONE female may be replaced in a team.

Q: Do I have to complete the qualifier in the same location as my team mate?
A: No

Q: Do all team mates have to record and submit videos for review?
A: Yes

Registration Open Novemeber 12nd

Two Eleven Games Online Qualifier
Online Qualifier for the 2020 Two Eleven Games, New South Wales premiere functional fitness festival.

Two Eleven - Online Qualifier