Constant Competitor: January Online Competition

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

Price to compete: $10

Optional Constant Competitor T Shirt or Womens Tank: $10 (Apparel only available to ship to customers in U.S.)

Individual Competitors, Advanced (Rx) or Intermediate (Scaled) divisions. No substitutions.

There are 5 scored workouts over a 4 week period. One week will have either 2 scored workouts or a workout that contains two scores.

Workout Release Schedule

Week 1

"Ball Drop: Karen's Dead"

Release 1/1 5pm PST | Submissions due by 1/8 5pm PST


Week 2


Release 1/8 5pm PST | Submissions due by 1/15 5pm PST


Week 3


Release 1/15 5pm PST | Submissions due by 1/22 5pm PST


Week 4

"Clock Cleaner" & "Alternate Ending"

Release 1/22 5pm PST | Submissions due by 1/29 5pm PST



Up to the top 5 competitors in any division can be awarded if enough people are participating. Prize amounts increase based on the amount of competitors within the division. See below for breakdown.

Advanced (Rx) Division

Intermediate (Scaled) Division

*if participation exceeds 100 competitors in any division the prize amounts will continue to advance in a similar pattern. Specific announcements of those prize values will be made.


Prizes are awarded to the top competitors who submit the required video proof with their scores (see below) in each division across all events at the end of the competition. Prizes are awarded in the form of E-Gift Card. Winners will be announced on social media as well as contacted via Email at the conclusion of competition after all scoring is complete.

A physical Gift Card valued $10 or more may be an option. Winners will be contacted regarding this option if they should be interested in choosing it.

Please see Constant Competitor - Prize Tables for further details regarding prize options.


Rules and Policies:

Workouts are announced on Wednesdays at 5pm PST and scores are due by the following Wednesday at 5pm PST. If you are submitting a video it will not be accepted after the submission deadline.

Video Submissions are not required, BUT, in order to win a competition prize you must submit at least 3 videos with your score submissions. This does mean that if you rank 1st overall and submit no video proof, 2nd place will be awarded the prize (assuming 2nd place submitted the aforementioned video proof), or 3rd place, and so on.

The only way to win a prize without submitting video proof of your workouts is if no other person in the same division you are competing against submits videos either.

You must also be prepared to submit videos of any scores you submit that are disproportionate compared to your average placement in other workouts. For example: if your average placement is 20th, however you submit scores without video proof that place in the top 5, those scores will be subject to invalidation.

To be safe, you should submit video proof with all score submissions, especially if you anticipate having a top score.



Judgement of scoring is up to the discretion of Constant Competitor. Please ensure you read the rules and instructions of each workout and follow all movement standards to help avoid penalties.


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