Iron Cowboy Partner Shootout

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

 Gear up for a 2 day  Functional Fitness partner competition in South West Wyoming! 

Grab a friend for a weekend in January and come test your fitness! 

teams will be same sex partners ( M/M and F/F) 

This year we will have RX and Scaled divisions! 

Bring all workout gear that may be needed! Knee sleeves, oly shoes, belts, jump ropes, your lucky socks, and a swim suit! 

No Pets at the event 

Substitutes prior to the event are ok if you have a partner that cannot make it suddenly. 


T shirts for competitors

Prizes for the podium finishers! 


 RX Division Minimum Requirements/Reccomendations

- Wall Ball 30/20 - 10 ft target 

-C2B Pull Ups 

- RING or BAR MU ( could be split between partners) 

- Toes to Bar

- Power Clean 185/125

- Thruster 135/95

- Double Unders 

- Shoulder to Overhead 155/105 

- Snatch- 135/105 

-OHS 135/95 


REMEMBER - this is just a reccomendation of what you should be capable of to some extent, this IS NOT the official weight of movements.