Candor Power Hour Reindeer Games

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Power Hour a nonprofit founded by CrossFit Candor that works as a weekly exercise class for special needs athletes in our community through CrossFit Candor. We started with one athlete, and now we have TEN athletes with 40 volunteers!!

Most of our Power Hour athletes are wheelchair-bound, strengthening their bodies to overcome some weaknesses caused by spina bifida or cerebral palsy, but some are victims of illness . or accident, working to regain independence. All of the services are free and the time to serve them is donated by 40 volunteers each week. Here's a video of exactly what we do that CrossFit HQ came out and made: v=MkjPqvtGq6A

The Reindeer Games will fund Power hour for all of 2020 and will include 3 workouts available NOW in the workouts tab! 

Teams of 3 MMM/FFF will compete after Power Hour athletes kick us off at 9AM!  Levels are as follows:

  • Level 1:  Beginner/Novice 
    • Suitable for non-crossFit athltes and those just starting out.  Skills include sit-ups, box step-ups, light barbell work (#55 for men, #35 for ladies), and kettlebell weights of #35 for men, #25 for ladies.
  • Level 2:  Intermediate
    • Suitable for RX level athletes or those that are "mostly" RX.  Skills include Knees to Chest, Pull-ups, box jumps and barbell weights of #75 for men, #55 for ladies, Kettlebell weight of #55 for men, #35 for ladies.
  • Level 3:  RX/RX+
    • Suitable for advanced RX athletes.  Skills include Toes to Bar, Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups, high box jumps, barbell weight of #135 for men, #95 for ladies and Kettlebell weight of #70 for men, #55 for ladies.


For time and space menagement, we have placed a limit of 24 teams of 3, but we will consider increasing the # of teams if there is high enough demand to fill another heat.  


Sponsors are on board, and we can't think them enough!  


This year, we have a Title Sponsor!  We would like to think Aspire Physical Recovery Center of Alabama LLC for coming aboard as our partner in  this awesome event!  We'd also like to thank our other sponsors below.  You'll hear their names all day and learn more about them throughout the event! 

  • Northport Baptist Church
  • Taco Casa
  • Randall Reilly
  • Scott McClannahan & Family
  • Checkers Drive-in
  • OverFlow Express Wash

...and more being added!  There's still a few sponsorship opportunities left!  If you have interest, contact us at for more info! 


We will aslo have some awesome vendors on site:

  • Frutta Bowls will be here dishing out bowls
  • 5 Star Nutrition will be here with pre and post-workout supplements.  

Prizes and some athlete goodies will be provided by

  • O2
  • Rx Bar
  • Lift Genie lifting tape


...More are being added every day! We can't wait to watch you guys work out in honor of this awesome cause! 


*There are no refunds, however, we can make changes to teams all the way up until the start date!*