Chalkida Throwdown

Virtual Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

Chalkida Throwdown is a two day event taking place in Greece. The event is taking place for a sixth consecutive year , powered by Vip Box. The athletes will earn their spot in the finals through the online qualifiers.



RX men (40 athletes) / women (8 athletes)

SCALED men (64 athletes) / women (24 athletes)

MASTER 35-39 men (16 athletes) / women (8 athletes)

MASTER 40+ men (8 athletes) / women (8 athletes)

MASTER 45+ men (8 athletes) / women (8 athletes)

TEAMS men (16 teams)* / mix (16 teams)**

*team men consists 2 men

**team mixed consists 1 man + 1 woman


-Rx Men - Rx women - master men 35+
No limitations

-Scaled men                                                                                        T2b , chest 2 bar , double unders , hspu , max clean n jerk 95kg , max snatch 70 kg

-Master women 35+ - master men 40+ master men 45+ teams Men
bar muscle up, chest 2 bar, pull ups,HSPU, clean jerk > 80/50kg, snatch > 60/35kg, double under

-Master women 40+ - master women 45+ - scaled women
pull ups, toes to bar, clean jerk >40kg snatch >30kg

-Mix team
man member as men team standards woman member as scaled women


Online scoring tracking will be provided by Competition Corner.



Registration are on until 20/12/2019.



Qualifiers will be announced on 15 December 2019.

Submission deadline is on 12 January 2020.



We need your help in order to have a great event. So if you are interested to be a volunteer or a judge for the Chalkida Throwdown 2020, please send us your details at



Do you envision being a part of the Chalkida Throwdown 2020 as a sponsor. Get in touch with us at, we would like to hear from you!