Old Dirty Masters

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

This is a an exclusively Masters Competition.  MM or FF teams of 2.  Both RX and Scaled Divisions available.  This will be a done with the first half of the Comp (Scaled Division will go First starting at 8:05am ending by 1130am), RX Division will start at 12 noon ending by 330pm.  Canopies wont be necessary.  We will limit the number of total teams to 48 total teams regardless of how many end up in each division.  Ideally we'd like 12 teams per division.  

We'll allow Substitutes up until day of so long as they meet the age requirement on day of comp.  35 or older with a combined age of 80.

We'll commit to doing our absolute best to run a fun, organized on time well Judged event.  No refunds, good sportsmanship and a fun attitude are a must,... after all your doing a comp called "Old Dirty Masters"  Have fun and do your best statying in your lane competing with people your own age.  Good luck!