The Turkey Thrash

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Turkey Thrash is a competition for everyone! With a class for elite athletes and a class for your every-day person, it is fun for every person interested! Two-person teams will compete against other teams for CASH PRIZES and Sponsor Prizes.

The first event will be similar to the United States Army Physical Fitness test: timed run, row, and/or body weight exercises. The event will be given a final time or low score, those that do not complete in the specified range will be removed from the event for their own safety as the next events get ratcheted up. 

There will be two more workout events for a total of three events. We want this to be a FUN competition. Not a comp you're at all day and night! There will be no MAX weight workouts. These are Metabolic Conditioning type workouts. There will be more mental strength checks than weight checks. Weighted vest events, football target throwing, and more fun events!

ELITE Group Winners:

1st Place Team: $200, Plus Sponsor Prizes!

2nd Place Team: $150, Plus Sponsor Prizes!

3rd Place Team: $100, Plus Sponsor Prizes!


What to bring: 

A healthy body!

A crazy outfit!

Water, food, and anything else you may need for a short few hours. 





What not to bring:

Anything not allowed at Cox Convention Center: 

Animals, unless service animal in approved vest. 


Parking: Park in Cox Convention Center Parking (underneath the convention center)


You do not have to sign up with anyone. But on the day of the event you must have a partner to complete your two-person team to be valid for prizes!


Refund policy: Refunds are accepted up to November 14.