Koda CrossFit Norman Dad's Open

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

1. Honor system. Since “integrity” is one of the core values of our gym, it goes without saying that cheating will not be tolerated! You must have a participant of the Dad’s Open to judge your workout. If that is not possible, a KXN coach/manager is acceptable.


2. It is NOT a requirement to sign up for the actual Open, nor the Koda Open. 


3. There is no “buy in” for this competition; however, there will be a “Dad’s Open” shirt available for purchase. 100% of the profits from these shirts will benefit Big Brother Big Sisters of Oklahoma-Norman. An order form for the shirts will be available soon!


4. Scoring. We will NOT be using “worldwide” Open scores this year. You will be given a score based on your performance amongst the other “Dad” participants. For example: if there are 40 “Dad’s Open” participants and Charles Baker gets 1st place in a workout, he will be given a score of “1” for that workout. The dad with the lowest score after 5 weeks will be crowned King of the Dads.


5. Dad Throwdown. TBA- but we are looking at 20.5 (11/7) More info to come on that!