Lighten The Load

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Teams of Two - Saturday, November 2nd

Where: CrossFit Pell City
When: November 2nd
Registration Cost: $100 per team
Athlete Check-In 9:00am
Athlete Briefing: 9:30am
First Heat: 9:45am
Award Ceremony and Group Picture: 12:30pm
T-Shirts for All Participants Registered before 10/21

Donations will be accepted throughout the day.
1/4 Suitcase: $20
1/2 Suitcase: $40
1 Suitcase: $75
2 Suitcases: $150.00

Interested in sponsoring the event? Message us!

We will be hosting the "Lighten the Load" fundraiser this fall to raise both awareness and funds for foster children making the transition to new homes. This fundraiser is unique in the fact that with each team registered, a physical suitcase will be purchased so that a child can own THEIR suitcase to have and keep their most personal belongings.

The suitcase gives them something that is theirs as, unfortunately, the majority of these kids come from nothing, or from bad situations.

We are also looking to spark community interest to get people to sign up to be foster parents in this county. We will have a both available in person with more information if you'd like to learn more and possibly take the next steps.

Teams of Two
Advanced and Intermediate Divisions
MM and FF (2 Males or 2 Females per team)


This workout has increasing load throughout, starting light, progressing to moderate, and finishing heavier. We help these amazing kids to lighten their load, by increasing ours.

Complete for total number of reps:
16 Minutes on the clock:
1M ME Synchronized Burpees
2M Max Rep Hang Power Clean
Rest 1 Minute
1M ME Synchronized Burpees
2M Max Rep Shoulder to Overhead
Rest 1 Minute
1M ME Synchronized Burpees
2M Max Rep Front Squat
Rest 1 Minute
1M ME Synchronized Burpees
2M Max Rep Deadlift
1M ME Synchronized Burpees

RX Male: 95#/125#/155#/205#
RX Female: 75#/95#/115#/165#
Scaled Male: 75#/95#/115#/165#
Scaled Female: 45#/65#/85#/105#

*Synchronized Burpess will be on opposite sides of the barbell
*Swap work as needed throughout all barbell movements
*Increase weight during each rest interval
Total reps completed is team score.


All proceeds benefiting the Lighten the Load Campaign and will be given directly to the St. Clair County Bar Association purchase suitcases for newly fostered children.

Interested in being a Foster Parent? Come by to speak with a representative.