Syndicate Vault

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Syndicate Vault

When: December 14, 2019

Format: Teams of 2

Divisions: Male/Female Only

Event Info: Bracket Style Tournament Play

*Event will be capped at 64 total teams.

Event Information

The Syndicate Vault will take place on Saturday, December 14th at 12 Labours CrossFit in Columbia, MD. The format of the competition will be Male/Female only and the number of accepted teams will be capped at 64.

The Syndicate Vault will be slightly different than your local fitness competition. First, there will be no distinction between fitness levels during registration. All teams will be placed in one division. After completion of one preliminary seeded workout, the top 32 ranked Male/Female teams will be placed in the Gold bracket, while the remaining 32 Make/Female teams will be placed in Silver bracket.

This means that each team will be guaranteed a minimum of two workouts. After the the first seeded workout, the single elimination process begins. The bracket rounds have teams compete head-to-head against one opposing team. The winning team advances to the next round. The final teams will each complete 5 workouts in one day to win their respective brackets.

Format Example:

Gold & Silver Bracket

WOD 1: Preliminary Seeded Workout

WOD 2: Round of 32

WOD 3: Sweet 16

WOD 4: Elite 8

WOD 5: Final Four / Final


No Refunds. Substitutions Only.

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...