Event description

2019 HYPOXIA will be held on December 7, 2019 (Saturday) at the Butte Civic Center in Butte, MT.

HYPOXIA is a four-person team competition (two male, two female) with an RX, SCALED, and MASTERS divisions. Masters will be 35+ this year and all members must be 35 or older by the event date.

There will be FOUR workouts for every team and a final workout for the top four teams in the RX division only.

Entry fee is $550 and athletes will receive:

1.) HYPOXIA Swag

2.) Sponsor Swag

3.) Professional Event Photos

4.) Professional Event Video/Highlight Reel

5.) Prizes for TOP THREE Teams in ALL Divisions


A few things to note about the 2019 event:

1.) Released workout will be posted September 15th, 2019. We only release ONE workout prior to the event. The weights and/or movements of this workout should give you a good idea of whether your team should go RX or Scaled for this competition. Masters 35+ will be in RX and Scaled divisions for some weights and movements.

2.) Registration will open October 2nd, 2019 at 12 PM MST. The link for registration will be posted on the Hypoxia 2019 Facebook page - so please share amongst your fellow CrossFitters and get your team in working order. Last year the event SOLD OUT IN AN HOUR! We will be capping the event at 84 teams and will NOT be going to a wait list this year once all spots are filled. Payment is due upon registration and non-refundable. 

3.) For HYPOXIA, we strive to provide a healthy mix of classic functional workouts with some "non-traditional" modalities such as Atlas stones, wheelbarrows, yoke carries, high-level gymnastics skills, peg boards, and farmer carries. We hope to continue this tradition of providing a solid day's programming of FUN, CHALLENGING and VARIED team workouts!