Beast Before the Feast

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The event will take place on November 2, 2019 and starts at 8 am. Athletes will do check ins at 7 am that day.

The competition will consists of three (3) scored events and a floater.

You have from the begining of the competiton to begining of last event to complete the floater. A last call will be given. 

We ask that parents watch after their children. We will NOT have babysitting services. 

Service animals are allowed to the event, but need to stay on a leash. If they leave a mess, please pick it up.

The price includes shirts. We will stop registration two weeks prior to the event so shirts can be made and delivered. 

Event will be intermidiate and scaled movements will be the same for both divisions, but weights will vary. 



Jump Rope

Deadlifts: 225/155 intermediate;  185/125 Scaled


BoxJumps 24/20 intermediate; 20/16 Scaled

Wall Balls 20/14 intermediate; 14/10 Scaled

Cleans 135/95 Intermediate, 95/65 Scaled

Snatches 135/95 Intermediate, 95/65 Scaled

Assault Bike

Sandbag Squats


Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 20

With a 20 min time cap


P1 & P2 run 800M with a Heavy Rope

P1 does 50 Heavy Jump Rope
then P2 does 50 Heavy Jump Rope

P1 does 36 Burpee Box Jumps
then P2 does 36 Burpee Box Jumps

*Partners will alternate every 12 burpee box jumps

P1 does 50 Heavy Jump Rope
then P2 does 50 Heavy Jump Rope

P1 = Partner 1
P2 = Partner 2

Intermediate Box = 24/20
Intermediate Rope = Black

Scaled Box = 20/16
Scaled Rope = White

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 7

For Time (7 min Cap)

100 Total Dead lifts.

Partner 1 and 2 will alternate every 10 Wallballs

*Partner can not start Deadlift until Partner finishes 10 Wall Balls

Intermediate 225/155
Scaled 185/125

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

Workout #3 “Wish Bone”

6 mins to establish a 1 RM for Snatch and a Clean

Team with utilize 1 bar

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

1:00 Max Effort

P1- Cals on Bike
P2- Sandbag Bear Hug Squats

:30 Sec Transion

1:00 Max Effort

P2- Cals on Bike
P1- Sandbag Bearhug Squats

Cals = 1pts
Squats = 2pts

Intermediate 120/90
Scaled 90/60