ETX Fittest Qualifiers 2020

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

ETX Fittest is a local competition designed to highlight the hard work of athletes over a 5 week period. Athletes from all over Northeast Texas that qualify will be invited to a one day competition held on February 1st at CrossFit Tyler. 

Use this site to enter your CrossFit Games Open score over the next 5 week. The rules of the 2 Step process is below.

**All athletes have to register through two sites and the scores each week must match up exactly.


1.Register through the CrossFit Games site ( There is a one-time fee of $21 paid to CrossFit to enter your score each week. If you registered last year you can use your same login information.

2. Register through this site. It is FREE to enter your matching OPEN scores weekly. If you registered last year you can use your same login information. 

All 5 events must be done as RX, OR All 5 events must be done as Scaled. 

Scores must be entered by the deadline each week on BOTH sites. CrossFit Games site is the Monday following the Thursday announcement. ETX Fittest site is the Thursday following the Thursday announcement (some situations apply). DO NOT MISS the deadline for the GAMES SITE. 

ALL Scores must match up. If a score is missing from the Games site then your score for the ETX Fittest will not count. If a score is different on each site, the score that is on the Games site is the score that counts.

The Games site serves as our validation method of scores since each score was judged and validated by a video or an affiliate.

The ETX Fittest Leaderboard is to see how you rank amongst other athletes in ETX. After all scores are validated through the Games site the top athletes will be invited to compete in the ETX Fittest. 

*Note some divisions may be grouped together after the qualifier ends for the ETX Fittest Event. Possible grouping example: 40-49y division and 50+ division and Teen divisions. 

**ETX Fittest reserves the right to allow (by invitation) any athlete to compete in addition to those that qualified. 

**ETX Fittest reserves the right to not extend an invitation to a qualified athlete or revoke an invitation to an athlete under circumstances that are foreseen as unsportsmanlike and/or the athlete workouts or lives outside the area.  

Athletes must live in the qualifying area to enter scores.