Winter Classic Event 4: Winter's Ball

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description


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  • One 4 Person Team Division Consisting of 2 Men and 2 Women



December 7 - 8, 2019

A celebration of fitness, wellness and learning.  Grounded around a team fitness competiton for every athlete, this event showcases functional fitness and sound nutrition in an exciting display of interactive exhibits, elite athletes, highly skilled medical professionals, educational sessions, hands-on training courses and more.

The Winter Classic pays tribute to military heroes and a percentage of all registration and ticket sales will be donated to the Adam S. Hamilton Foundation.


Programmed by Scott Panchik

Saturday, December 7

  • Event 1 - 3 Girls
  • Event 2 - Elevated Snatches

Sunday, December 8

  • Event 3 - Move The Bar Move Your Body
  • Event 4 - Winter's Ball


  • Donation to the Adam S. Hamilton Foundation
  • Access to Vendor Village
  • Exclusive Access to Warm Up Area
  • Complimentary Water and Snacks
  • Educational Sessions
  • Meet and learn from CrossFit Games athletes including Scott Panchik, Margaux Alvarez, Graham Holmberg, Amanda Barnhart and more
  • Signature Event Shirt
  • Athlete Sponsor Bag
  • Opportunity to Win VIP Wine Tasting Party Tickets
  • Opportunity to Win a Custom Hammy Ski Erg for the Affiliate with the most registrations
  • Opportunity to Win a stock Model D Rower for your Team
  • Opportunity to Win Sponsored Podium Prizes to be Announced
  • Opportunity to Work Out with CrossFit Games Athletes


Twenty registered teams will be randomly selected to win a total of four tickets to attend a private VIP Wine Tasting event on Saturday night at CrossFit CLE with Elite CrossFit Games athletes. 


Use the BE A VOLUNTEER button to register to be a volunteer or judge.  Registration does not guarantee a position.  The Competition Director will contact you individually to let you know if you were chosen to be part of the 2019 team.  


General admission tickets are good any one day and may be purchased under the MERCHANDISE link.  Tickets are $15 in advance.  Children 10 and under are FREE.  Each ticket gives you access to content for one full day.


Refunds are not permitted.  For more information on movement standards, team substitutes, what to bring and parking information, please visit


Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 27


Buy In: 1 Mile Run on TrueForm Runner and 2,000 Meter Row on Concept2 Rower

5 Rounds:

  • 30 Synchronized Wall Ball Shots to 10’ Target 20 LBS (Men) / 14 LBS (Women)
  • 20 Synchronized Toes to Bar

Cash Out: 100 Feet of Synchronized Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges 50 LBS (Men) / 35 LBS (Women)

Event Overview

Event 4 begins with all four athletes standing under the pullup bar. At the call of “GO”, athletes advance and begin the 1 mile run and 2k row. Two athletes will be working at the same time and teammates may substitute as desired.

Next, the team will move to the rig and begin 5 rounds of 30 synchronized wall ball shots and 20 synchronized toes to bar. Teams will work in mixed gender pairs, 1 female and 1 male. Wall balls must be completed before moving on to toes to bar.  Athletes may substitute as desired throughout the 5 rounds.  There must always be mixed genders working simultaneously.

  • Wall ball shot synchronization begins when both athletes are below parallel in their squats. Balls will be thrown and must successfully hit the target for the rep to count. If a shot is missed, athletes must restart the rep in the synchronized squatting position.
  • Synchronized toes to bar reps will be scored when athletes’ toes touch the bar at the same time.

Finally, the team must perform 100 feet of synchronized dumbbell overhead walking lunges. To perform the lunges, all 4 team members must have their dumbbells overhead.  If one or more dumbbells are shouldered or set down, then all athletes must stop lunging until all 4 dumbbells are overhead again.  Once all four team members clear the first 50 feet, they must move the dumbbell to the other hand to complete the second 50-foot segment. 

The workout will end once all four athletes complete the second 50-foot segment, cross the finish line and place their dumbbells on the floor. 

Dropping the dumbbell is not permitted at any time. If this happens, all four teammates must redo the last 25 feet of lunges or begin their current segment again, depending on where the dumbbell was dropped.


Programmed by Scott Panchik

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