Online Competition for Individuals

Event description

Welcome to the 2016 WODSERIES National Championship. This is an individual online/ affiliate competition that will be held at affiliate locations across the country. You may compete at your own gym with other members or you may travel to a box nearby to compete against other athletes in your area. We are encouraging all affiliate locations to participate and join together with other local boxes to hold mini comps during the series competition. This is a great chance for all affiliates to build team unity, test your training and hold a venue at your location.
We encourage BBQ's, Potlucks, Open House Events, Fund Raisers and More!

The Winning Athlete in Each Age Division will receive a WODSERIES National Championship Banner to hang in their gym, National Championship Gear and give aways from our Sponsors. The winners will also be featured on our website and social media sites.

Age Divisions for Both Men & Women 

  • 18-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60+

How to Register

Register Online between October 10th - December 18th.
Beginning October 10th 2016, Every Monday for 10 weeks a new WOD will be released. Each week affiliate locations across the country will be hosting the weekly WODs in a competition setting at their location on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. All Affiliates are encouraged to participate. Each competitor will be judged and their scores reported to the National scoring system. Each athletes score will be posted online and the Leaderboard will stay LIVE during the 10 week season. 

Athletes do not have to perform the WODS in any particular order, they may choose to complete 16.3 before 16.1. It is not mandatory that athletes complete the weekly WOD that particular week. Athletes may choose to complete two in one week or in any way they choose, but all 10 wods must be completed and submitted for scoring by the submission deadline date. You may choose to repeat any WOD during the competition and Re-Submit your score if you choose to. You may be required to submit a video submission of any WOD that you redo.
Please make sure to check WOD Submission Deadline! 

Competition Rules
- Each athlete must compete within one of the 8 age divisions
- Be judged by another athlete, other than your partner/spouse
- Have your score validated by a Certified L1 Coach at your box
- Submit your score online within the submission time frame

Submission Deadline

December 18th is the FINAL DEADLINE -  No Exceptions!
We encourage all athletes to submit their scores as soon as they complete the wods during the competition, so you will show up on the National Leader Board during the competition.

Submitting Scores

After performing your workout at a Affiliate

Log into Competition Corner and submit your:

  • Score
  • Affiliate Name
  • Certified L1 Coach Name
  • Certified L1 Coach Email Address
  • Video Submission May be Required for Top 10 Athletes