CFE's Well Seasoned Masters Competition

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

CFE’s Well Seasoned Individual Masters Competition 3

We are back for year 3!! So if you’re ready come have some fun, and maybe a pie or turkey, at CFE's "Well Seasoned" masters competition! This is an individual competition for male and female athletes 35 and up. There are scaled and RX divisions along with four age groups. Join us for this spicy, friendly and challenging competition before your Thanksgiving feast.

Cost: $75 - T-Shirts for all who enter by 11/1/2019

Prizes to Top 3 in each Division

RX and Scaled Divisions (Men and Women – 35-39, 40-47, 48-54, 55+) – Limited spots available in each division

3 WODS plus a Floater for all


Competition Standards:
Cleans (Any Style Power or Squat, 155/115 (35-39), 135/95, 115/75(55+))
Shoulder to Overhead (115/85 (35-39), 95/65, 75/55(55+))
Deadlift (225/155 (35-39), 185/125, 155/115(55+))
Push Ups
Thrusters (Dumbbell or Barbell 115/85 (35-39), 95/65, 75/55(55+))
Snatch (Any style Power or Squat -Dumbell or Barbell, 115/85 (35-39), 95/65, 75/55(55+))
Kettlebell Swings- American – (53/35)
Double Unders
Box Jumps (24/20)
Pull Ups/T2B
Walls Balls (20/14)

Cleans (Any Style Power or Squat, 95/65(35-54), 75/55(55+))
Shoulder to Overhead (75/55(35-54), 65/45(55+))
Deadlift (155/105(35-54), 135/95(55+))
Push Ups – Hand release
Thrusters (Dumbell or Barbell, 75/55(35-54), 65/45(55+))
Snatch (Any style Power or Squat - Dumbell or Barbell, 75/55(35-54), 65/45(55+))
Kettlebell Swings – American - (35/20)
Box Jumps (Step Ups Allowed) (24/20)
Single Unders
Wall Balls 14/10
Assisted/Jumping Pull Ups
Hanging Knee Raises

Note: The above standards represent the general level of fitness and strength required for each division and activities/skills may vary on the day of the competition

*$10 Cancellation/Withdrawal fee if cancelled prior to 11/1/2019, after that date it will be $25 Fee. No refunds the week of the competition.