2016 Fortius Halloween Weightlifting Open

Olympic Weightlifting Event

Event description

4th Annual Fortius Halloween Open will be October 22 & 23rd, 2016, and will be the absolute last chance qualifier for the American Open! 

USA Weightlifting Sanctioned Meet (#60-16-45043).  USAW Membership is required.

The largest Olympic Weightlifting competition series in San Diego, it will once again be hosted at the 12,000 sq. ft. Fortius facility with 10 warm-up platforms and a huge spectator space.

This is Open to all lifters - and will again include cash and vendor prizes, along with free team entry (and team awards). 

Entry is Non-Refundable, but is transferable.

Registration fees go up as we approach the competition, so register today!

5/28 - 6/5: $35 (Use "EARLY1" promo code)
6/6 - 6/12: $40 (Use "EARLY2" promo code)
6/13 - 8/31: $45 (Use "EARLY3" promo code)
9/1 - 10/1: $50 (Use "EARLY4" promo code)
10/2 - 10/17: $55