Insurgent Shakedown

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Insurgent believes in always finding new ways to challenge Athletes in fun and educational ways to meet their fitness goals as well as to reach their highest athletic potential.

We are excited to announce the FIRST EVER SGV Shakedown team competition series this summer @ Insurgent!! 

Kicking off on June 11th and running through August 6th, athletes from Insurgent will take part in a series of 1 audition round and 4 competition rounds in order to determine who is the strongest and fittest!

Athletes will go through 2 rounds of “audition” WODs (work out of the day) for the Coaches to evaluate the athletes’ skill and strength levels. The Coaches themselves will ALSO compete in a workout to determine the order in which they will draft their teams’ athletes. The Coaches will get together behind the scenes and draft their teams based off of the impressions they have from the audition round.  Each coach will create two teams: 1 Advanced / RX team and 1 Scaled / Intermediate team. 

Once the teams are set, the battle is ON!! The competition WODs will be released 2 weeks prior to each Competition Day. During the next two weeks, Coaches will work with their Athletes to help them develop the specific skills that will be performed. On Competition Day, the Coaches will decide which Athlete will perform which movement. This decision is based off of the Coach’s evaluation of each Athlete’s strength and skill level as demonstrated in their training sessions. There will be two competition WODs (heats) per division.


Points will be determined based off of the following:

·       Heat Winners

o   Audience Votes (via Web / Social Media)

o   Team

o   Individual Athletes (M/F)

·       Coach

·       Coaches’ MVP votes


Winners will be announced and awarded at the Insurgent end of summer beach event which will be held on August 13th. Winners will receive a combination of product and cash prizes provided by our amazing sponsors!!