Charity event Row-Raiser | Dancer Love Foundation

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Dancer Love Foundation receives 75% of the total donations, 25% of what you raise will be sent back to us so you can impact anyone in your community.

The money that the foundation receives will be used towards scholarships/grants for individuals that apply for it.
That will allow individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to receive the opportunity to get into a fitness community (group training, personal training etc).

Monies will be donated to certain special Olympic programs to help fund travel, uniforms etc. Sam Dancer Foundation's main focus is getting individuals into gyms so they can get the same fitness experience that we do. Huge results in not only physical abilities but their intellectual abilities have been achieved. The funds will also go towards some of the special Olympic programs that need help.

Sam Dancer will also be developing an education program where they can go into gyms to educate and train coaches for them to have special need athletes in their gyms. Right now they are partnering up with another foundation called TNT in North Dakota, Fargo. They help each other raise funds for the same cause. San Dancer Foundation is more in CrossFit gyms and they are in gymnastic centers. A lot of cool opportunities will come out of that partnership where adaptive and able athletes can compete in a huge CrossFit event called the ABLE games. Right now, its schedule for April 2020. More details on that will come.