Event description

Event Day Schedule

7:45-8:45am Check-In
8:45-9:00am WOD 1 Overview
9:00-11:10am WOD 1 Heats
11:10-11:35am Break & WOD 2 Overview
11:35am-1:00pm WOD 2 Heats
1:00-1:25pm Break & WOD 3 Overview
1:25-4:05pm WOD 3 Heats
4:20pm Award Ceremony


NOTE: This competition is exclusive to members of Tribe, Resistance, Nui and Live ONLY.

This will mark the 3nd Annual Throwdown between our boxes, and we are proud to welcome Live into the mix this year!  We expect this year's Duo to be bigger and badder than last year!

Like last year, this year's Throwdown will be a partner competition with pairs of the same sex.  
  • There are two divisions: Rx'd and scaled.  
  • The competition will will consist of 3 workouts.  
  • Registration for the event will be $100 per pair.  The registration will cover the cost of t-shirts and prizes for the top finishers!  
  • We are capping the competition at 60 teams
Teams must register NO LATER THAN Monday, May 23rd so we have enough time to put in the order for competitor t-shirts.

WOD #1 
"David then Goliath"

Part A. 5min AMRAP:
Partners take turns doing the following - 
15m Sprint Out 
12 KB Power snatches (6 each arm)
6 KB Facing Burpees
15m Sprint Back
Rx (53/35), Scaled (44/26)
Overview & Standards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDpNw7VSvCI

Part B. Double Clean
Immediately after Part A.
3min - Each Partner Establishes 2RM
Rx - Touch-n-Go, Scaled - Max (5 sec between attempts)
Overview & Standards:


WOD #2
"Gimme Sum Mo'"

6 min AMRAP - *One person working at a time*

RX - Handstand push ups, Scaled - hand release pushups
RX - Toes to bar, Scaled - high knee raises
Overhead Squat - Rx (115/75), Scaled (75/45)

Overview & Standards (Scaled): https://youtu.be/TEoEfjWJ_2I 
Overview & Standards (Rx'd): https://youtu.be/GZYiS-chd1o
WOD #3
"On Your Own" - 12min CAP

Each Partner must complete 2 rounds of the first 2 couplets (relay style):
A. 4 rounds - 
RX 10 chest to bar,  Scaled - jumping CTB
RX 30 double unders, scaled - singles x 2

B. 4 rounds - 
RX 6 clean and jerks (135/95), scaled (95/65)
RX 12 Bar Facing Burpees, scaled Burpees 

C. 3 Rope Climbs (15’/12’) - each*
250m Row - each*

12min CAP

*One partner starts at each station.  Once both are done, they switch.

Overview & Standards: