Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description


The next installment of our in-box competition is slated for November 16, 2019 in Downtown San Diego!

Our 2-person, same gender team setup provides an environment to hit the competition floor and throw down with your friend and fellow athletes. The environment is real and this offers a chance to give it your all and leave it on the floor.

Included in your registration fee is an athlete bag filled with:

Personalized PAINKLLR athlete shirt/tank with your last name for you & your partner The custom shirt/tank will only be included with registration for anyone who registers BEFORE October 16th. 

Snacks, Goods & Promos will be provided in each athlete bag from our Sponsors.

Athlete Bags will include:

  • Athlete tee/tank with your last name (only included with registrations before October 16th)
  • Wildway sample granola packs
  • Ultima replenisher sample packs 
  • CBD Medic Sample Packs
  • AWAKN collagen coffee infused with MCT Oil sample packs



Use code "EARLYBIRD" at checkout until Septmeber 1st to get 15% off registration. 




1st - $500 + additional product from PAINKLLR

2nd - $300 + additional product from PAINKLLR

3rd - $200 + additional product from PAINKLLR



1st - Compex Units

2nd - PRIZE Bag from us and our Sponsors

3rd - PRIZE Bag from us and our Sponsors


Sponsors & giftings will be announced soon...


Pick your division…

Scaled: Our scaled division are for athletes looking to compete on a more intermediate level, share a common goal of functional fitness, and are working toward mastering their skills.

For Scaled, athletes must be able to:


Heavy Sandbag Squats

Toes to Bar

Power Clean (135/95)

Double Unders

Thruster (95/65)

Pull Ups

RX: The perfect fit for athletes who love the thrill of competition and have a passion for functional fitness.

For RX, athletes must be able to:


Heavy Sandbag Squats

Toes to Bar

Power Cleans (185/120)

Double Unders

Thruster (115/75)

Muscle Ups


To ensure a smooth and quick entry, here’s what you need to know:

Check in - Begins at 7:00am and closes promptly at 8:00am, this time is needed to collect your Athlete bag at check in. Event begins at 9:00am sharp.

Where Am I Going? – Check-in occurs at Stay Classy CrossFit on the day of the event.

Parking – Street parking is available around the area and is free on Saturdays. Arriving early is your best bet for a good space. Remember, this is Downtown San Diego so weekends can get busy!

Come Prepared – You’ll need to provide a valid ID to complete check-in. Bring gear to work out in and food however Underground Prep will be on-site. Remember, on checkin you will be receiving an Athlete Bag which will include:

Your custom Athletes Shirt for competition (Only if you registered BEFORE October 7th)
Other goodies from our sponsors

No Take-Backs – Life happens—we totally get that. But please be aware that if you cannot participate in the weekend’s events, we cannot offer a refund for any reason.

Trading Places – You can substitute an athlete up until registration closes on November 12th. Please note if they ordered a tee/tank they will receive the tee/tank ordered by the original participant.