Event description

West London Functional Fitness Club is excited to host its first ever Individual Functional Fitness competition!

The events will be made up of the six tests of fitness as defined by the International Functional Fitness Federation:

-Bodyweight Skill
-Bodyweight Endurance
-Mixed Modal
-Aerobic Capacity

This competition will have very LIMITED capacity, with only 16 female athletes and 16 male athletes. These 16 athletes will be seeded into one of two divisions, Elite or Rx, based on a seeding WOD which will be released 3 weeks before the competition.

There will be cash prizes for the top 3 finishers in the Elite division as well as prize bags for top 3 finishers in the Elite and Rx divisions.

Functional Fitness as a sport is on the rise and is on its journey to be an Olympic Sport as soon as 2028. Come take part in a grassroots Functional Fitness competition and see for yourself the opportunities in this new up and coming sport.

Athletes registering should be able to do all CrossFit movements as RX’d, including but not limited to:
-Bar and Ring Muscle ups
-Chest to Bar
-Strict HSPU/HS walk
-Snatch 155/105
-Clean and Jerk 185/125

Registration opens July 22nd!