Battle Cancer X Northern Spirit Sweden 2020

Onsite Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

Hello Helsingborg! We're coming to Sweden joined by our friends at Northern Spirit.

No qualifiers, no advanced gymnastics, and no extreme standards. Our workouts are designed so that professional athletes may compete next to experienced gym-goers, first-timers and cancer survivors. 

Teams of four: Male, Female, or Mixed Pairs

Standards are as follows for men/women, all weights are in kilograms:

Kettlebell 24/16, Dumbbell 20/15, Plates 20/15, Worm 60kg (2+ Person)

Expect our iconic Battle Cancer live DJ sets, mass warm-up and incredible vibe, along with special guests, food vendors and brand partners.

Spectate for free!

If one of the team is injured or unable to compete for any reason, you can just bring a replacement on the day. We only ask that the new athlete or athletes sign a waiver to compete. We cannot change the t-shirt size requested. Teams of four only - no extra substitutes.

Sorry, we don't offer refunds under any circumstances but you’re welcome to sell your ticket to another team.