Garage Gym Series

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

Welcome to the Garage Gym Series

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Aug 7th-Aug 25th
Online Individual Competition

3 Weeks Long
2 workouts every week


Every week we will release 2 workouts for the athletes, 1 strength focused and 1 conditioning workout to follow. The workouts will be released on Wednesday evening and must be completed by Sunday night.  
This co-ed individual event has a Rx & Scaled Division. 
Must video your workouts and videos will be requested from top scores from each workout.

How is this competition different?

The workouts MUST be done in a Garage Gym! A great chance to hang out with friends, check out garage gyms, and have a blast!


The more that register, the more we pay!
The Prize Pot will be divided out between the top 1st place athletes for both male and female and for both divisions. 
Final Pot will be announced for both divisions after registration.
Prizes will be given out each week for various workouts and we will have some options for winning prizes too!


Garage Gym Requirement:
- Workouts MUST be completed in a home gym. Doesn't need to be your home gym, so find a friend or a local meet-up community and workout together!! 
- Just remember to record your workout.

Equipment List:
- Squat Rack
- Flat Bench or equivalent to a bench
- Pull Up Bar
- Barbell/Collar/Weights
- Dumbbells: Rx 50/35lbs, Scaled 35/20lbs
- PlyoBox or something with 30,24,20" options
- 1 Inch Dowel (PVC Pipe, Broomstick, etc)
- Jump Rope


We do not do refunds for our events, but will happily accept exchanges if you can find someone to take your spot.