Event description

? The 1st Annual RedMan Rumble, is like nothing Oklahoma City has seen before. Hosted shore side at Lake Hefner we have access to the water for swim workouts, large amounts of track space for running distance, and amazing opportunities being in conjunction with the RedMan Triathlon and Multi-sport weekend.  ?

Sat Sept 21st // 8:00AM - 6:00PM // Individuals $115 // Teams of 4 (M/M/F/F) $340


What's included: 
✅ 4 Workouts that include barbell, swimming, endurance, and gymnastics  
✅ A limited-edition RedMan Rumble Tank
✅ An Athlete SWAG Bag stuffed to the brim with bounty from our partners & sponsors.
✅ Multiple sports to watch through the day including triathlon, aqua bike, sprint, oly, and relays.

✅ Childs play area with inflatables and ample spectator room. Free entrance for spectators.

✅ Food trucks, water stations, and medical on standby




- Scaled & Rx Teams

- Rx Individuals

*  Limited spots are available 



RX Standards (Teams and Individuals)

·     Swim (≤200m)
·     Assault Bike/Running/Rowing
·     Snatch 115/95
·     Thruster 165/105
·     Wallballs 30/20
·     Chest-to-bar (All athletes)
·     Bar Muscle Up (1 or more athletes)
·     Deadlift 225/155
·     Toes-to-bar (All athletes)
·     Cleans 135/95
·     Double-unders (All athletes)
·     Wreck Bag 50/35
·     DB Shoulder-to-Overhead 70/50

* Paddle Board – Individuals only

Scaled Standards

·     Swim (≤200m)
·     Assault Bike/Running/Rowing
·     Snatch 95/65
·     Thruster 115/85
·     Wallballs 20/14
·     Pull Ups (All athletes)
·     Chest-to-Bar (1 or more athletes)
·     Deadlift 185/135
·     Toes-to-bar (2 or more athletes)
·     Cleans 95/65
·     Double-unders (1 or more athletes)
·     Wreck Bag 50/35
·     DB Shoulder-to-Overhead 50/35



? Winners Receive:
- Individuals will receive cash $$$ prizes, along with sponsor prizes

- Teams will receive stuffed prize bags along with big ticket items from our sponsors



? What if I can't make it?
Refunds will not be offered however athlete exchanges can be made up until the day of the event.



Please Read Carefully:

❤️   This is an outdoor only event. We encourage bringing tents and chairs.

❤ This is a rain or shine event. In the event of severe weather, we will post to social media to keep athletes up-to-date on changes to schedule or workouts. We reserve the right to change workouts due to weather or safety concerns at any time.

*   All athletes will take part in a swim workout. 

* Please like and follow “RedMan Rumble” on Facebook & Instagram for updates, questions, and info

×  Parking will be at a premium as multiple sporting events will be going on so please expect to walk a fair distance to your car.

Information Schedule:

July 1st - Registration Launches Via Competition Corner

July 2nd- Standards Released (via website and social media)

July 9th-    WOD 1 Released

July 16th-  WOD 2 Released

July 23rd-  WOD 3 Released

July 30th-  WOD 4 Released

Sept 7th - Registration Closes

Sept 18th- Heat Times Released

Sept 20th- Athlete Check-In (5pm-7pm)


Saturday, Sept 21st Schedule:

7:00am- Athlete Check-In

7:30am - Athlete Brief

7:45am- National Anthem

8:00am – Workout 1 Begins

11:00am- Workout 2 Begins