The Great Aloha Games 2019 "Race for the IRON THRONE"

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Aloha CrossFit & Aloha Kihei CrossFit

is proud to present,


"Race for the Iron Throne"


  • Saturday August 31, Labor Day Weekend
  • Maui, Hawai'i - 47 La'a St Aloha CrossFit (Maui Lani)
  • 4 Person Teams (MM/FF)
  • 5 Events + a Final (quicker workouts versus last year)
  • Cash Prizes for Top Finishers in each division
  • $1000 Open (RX) Division | $500 Local (Scaled) Division
  • Other giveaways, prize packs for podium winners & raffle giveaways for volunteers.


Last year we sold out our expected 35 Team positions and squeezed in 2 more to make it 37. This year we are looking at capping that 35 for timeline sake, so any other Teams that are considering, shouldn't wait too long. 


Workouts will be released starting 5 weeks out and will continue to release until week of Aloha Games. Event 1 will be announced on August 1st, a Thursday at 2pm Hawai'i time. Event 5 will be released a little earlier, Monday August 26th to give ample time for Neighboring Island Teams as well as Maui Teams to have a chance to prep.


Proceeds has allowed us to help fund our KeikiFit Program in which from last September to the end of January 2019, we were able to share CrossFit with our youth in the community. Ages ranging from 5-14. We are truly grateful for the communities support in our efforts to share Fitness with ALOHA to our kids.... our Keiki!!


Mahalo for supporting our 3rd Annual The Great Aloha Games!! We will see you all come GAMEDAY!!

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: 2k Row

Event 1

Race for Kings Landing

aka. Aloha Triathalon

10 min Time Cap


Buy in;

100 Calorie Assault Bike

2000 Meter Row

1 Mile Run (8 x200m)

with remaining time.... Max Muscle Ups

Males- Rings | Females- Bar

*Local- Max Pull-ups

**tiebreaker- 2k Row Time


Workout Description

Teams will designate 1 Athlete to start on each station (bike, row, run). On 3.2.1.Go..athletes will begin towards distance of completion of movement. The 4th Athlete "Squire" will assist any Team Member towards completion of movement. The Bike & Row can be switched out at any time. The Run must be switched out after 200m is completed by the working athlete. Any athlete can & will become "Squire" once a substitution is made.

Once 1 of the 3 (bike, row, run) stations is completed Muscle-Up Repetitions can begin. 1 or 2 Athletes can either work towards acquiring reps or "Squire(s)" can assist the other remaining stations to be completed. Once a second station is completed "Squire(s)" may assist third station or work on Muscle-Up reps. NOTE..... ONLY 1 ATHLETE MAY WORK ON MUSCLE-UP REPS AT A TIME. Strategy will be key in this event in how you manage your team & duties.

ALL STATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR MUSCLE-UP REPS TO COUNT FOR EVENT. If a station is not completed by the time cap, muscle-up reps will not be credited in event. The tiebreaker will dictate placement at this point which again is the 2k Row.If the 2k Row isn't completed by the time cap, for every meter unfinished, a second will be added to the 10:00 time. Rowers will be on "countdown" prior to start of event. NO ROLLOVER METERS WILL BE COUNTED. Once cap is reached Judge will make note of Meters left.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 16 | Tiebreaker: After 2 Rounds

Event 2


4 Rounds For Time: (16 min Time Cap)

MF/MF Alternating Rounds


11 Synchronized Burpee Weighted DB Box Step Overs

100' Slam Ball Carry (x4 25' lengths)

11 Synchronized Devil Presses


**Tiebreaker- Time after 2 Rounds


DB Weights

Open- 50/35 *Local- 35/20

Slam Ball Weight

Open- 150/100 *Local- 100/50


Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 5 | Tiebreaker: 1st Pair to Finish

Event 3

CHAOS is a Ladder

Squat Clean Ladder

For Time: (5 min Cap)


10-8-6-4-2 as a Team (shared reps)

MM Barbells

Open- 165-185-225-245-275

*Local- 95-115-135-165-185

FF Barbells

Open- 115-135-155-165-185

*Local- 65-85-105-125-145

**Tiebreaker- First MM or FF Pair to complete ladder

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


aka. THE CUT!!

15 min AMRAP


Open- MF Alternating Rounds

*Local- MF Shared Reps


50 MF Double Unders

w/Lord (M) or Lady (F) as the Athlete that Judge will be notified to count reps for. Reps dont have to be synchronized but 2 Athletes must be working while reps are being added to MF count.

*Local- At least 1 Athlete needs to perfrom Double Under movement to acquire reps. The other working Athlete may do either Double or Single Unders. 


5 Synchronized Over Head Squats

5 Hang Power Snatches

Open- 115/85

*Local- 80/55


25 Synchronized Toes to bar

*Local- 1 Athlete Must perform Toes to Bar while the other Athlete Hangs on the rig.


Open- Alternating rounds

*Local- Shared reps. Athletes can sub in & out at anytime as long as there is a MF Combo working.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 13


"Breaker of Chains"

aka. The Finale

13 Minute Time Cap



  • Deadlifts

Open- 315/205

*Local- 225/155

  • Deficit Parallette Handstand Push-ups

Open- Men 4" Deficit | Women 2" Deficit Optional

*Local- Handstand Push-ups w/mat & 10# plate underneath. (riser)