The Jurassic Games

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Our goal is to create a CrossFit competition for the regular everyday athlete at CrossFit gyms.  

Whether you’re brand new to CrossFit, never have competed before, or someone who typically chooses to do scaled in your workouts, this competition is perfect for you!
Various local business will have tents at the competition to advertise their goods and services.

ADMISSION IS FREE FOR ANYONE TO COME AND WATCH! This is a dog friendly (please leash) and kid friendly event.  We are also going to open up the front lawn for the athletes and spectators to set up tents!

This will be a TEAM OF 3 (two males and one female) COMPETITION. All athletes 18-39 will be in one division and all athletes over 40 will be in the masters division. (All athletes in the masters division must be over 40 to be considered masters but a 40+ athlete may go down to the other division if wanted).

Every athlete who registers will recieve a T-shirt just for competing! After the first two workouts, you will be placed into two divisions: (Rx and scaled) before you compete in the third workout. Once you have completed the four WODs and a floater WOD, the top 4 teams in each division will compete in the finals.

Our competition will offer cash prizes to the top athletes, a t-shirt for every athlete, and various other prizes...