Kettlebell Classic 2019: Online Kettlebell Competition

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

You | 2 Kettlebells | 3 Weeks | 4 Workouts

The Kettlebell Classic is an online kettlebell competition testing athletes' fitness across 4 workouts over the course of 3 weeks.

All that is required is access to two same-weight kettlebells and the ability to move your own body weight.

The first workout (KB19.1) and the competition "floater workout" (KB19.4) will be announced at 12pm PST on 9/5. Scores for KB19.1 will be due the following Monday, 9/9 by 5pm PST. Scores for KB19.4 will be due on the last day of the competition - 9/24 at 5pm PST. KB19.2 and KB19.3 will be released on the following two Thursday's with their respective scores due on the following Monday's by 5pm PST.

Scores will be submitted via Competition Corner.

Athletes are encouraged to video ALL workouts (video submissions guidelines and requirements available on the event website) as KBC reserves the right to require video verification on any and all score submissions.

Compete against athletes internationally in strength, technique and skill, as well as grit and mental fortitude. Test your kettlebell prowess and come ready to #swinghard.

Elite, RX, Masters 50+, Teen, and Scaled divisions.

$20 per athlete

Prizes available for all podium finishers in all divisions.

T-shirts are available for purchase via the event website. Follow @kettlebellclassic on Instagram and Facebook and stay up to date on the latest information and news.