Granite Games Fall Throwdown - Colorado Spring, CO

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Granite Games Throwdown gives athletes new to competition an opportunity to challenge themselves and have a blast doing it!

Our 3-person, same gender team setup allows you to step out onto the competition floor with your best lifting buddies to experience the best of both worlds: all the fun of competition, without that nerve-wracking feeling of going it alone!

Pick your division…

Scaled: For those who are new to competing, share a common goal of functional fitness, and are working toward mastering their skills.

Intermediate: The perfect fit for athletes who love the thrill of competition and have a passion for functional fitness, but who don’t typically Rx daily workouts and may not have yet mastered all movements.

For all workouts and standards head to our website:

To set you up for success when you arrive onsite, here’s what you need to know:

Check- In:

- All athletes must check in Friday (9/13/19) from 3PM - 6PM OR Saturday (9/14/19) from (7AM - 8AM). 

Where Do I Check In At?

- Check in table will be located on the east side of the gym by the garage door. One member from a team may register for the group but will assume responsibility for all relevant information. Please bring a valid ID to complete check-in.


- PLEASE ALLOW YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO FIND PARKING. There's parking available alongside all residential streets. There will be a popular Farmer's Market happening next to us and you will need additional time to find parking. Please be courteous and respectful to all neighborhood tenants.  

No Take-Backs:

- Life happens—we totally get that. But please be aware that if you cannot participate in the weekend’s events, we cannot offer a refund for any reason.