MMF Coaches Online Qualifier

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description


1 week. 3 workouts. Will you Qualify?

This is your opportunity to represent your gym or your crew and earn a spot in the Innaugural Memorial Murph Fest on May 23rd, 2020!

On November 11th, all 3 workouts will be released. 

You will have until November 17th at 11:59pm to record your workouts and submit your 3 scores. You can complete the workouts wherever you'd like, in any order you see fit. Feel free to do all 3 in one day, or space them out. It's up to you! 

Once all scores have been submitted, our judging staff will review the top scores to ensure they are valid, and the official standings will be released. 

After validation, the top 5 male and female athletes on the leaderboard will then receive invites directly to the Memorial Murph Fest in May, which means they completely bypass the Semi-Finals event that regular athletes will have to participate in after the Public online qualifier.

What if you don't place in the top 5? If you don't place in the top 5 on the leaderboard, you will still be offered first access to register for the remaining spots available in the Memorial Murph Fest. So have fun with it!


- Access to a pull-up bar
- Slamball Men= 30lbs, Women= 20lbs Click Here if you need to order one!
- A smartphone with WODProof app Download Here

Early Bird = $12 until October 31st CODE: EARLYBIRD
Regular Price = $19 on or after November 1st

*Keep in mind that the online Qualifier not only helps us keep the event as fair as possible, but it's also the way we fundraise to put on a heck of an event in May, so we appreciate your participation greatly. Thank you!