Warrior Affiliate League - "Three Amigos" 3-person team competition at Goals Soccer Complex, Rancho Cucamonga

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Warrior Affiliate League "3 AMIGOS" 3-person team (MMM or FFF) Functional Fitness/ CF Team Competition

When: Saturday, September 14th. 8 AM - 2 PM

Where: Goals Soccer Complex, Rancho Cucamonga

C4 and SignsRx, in association with RockTape, presents the "Three Amigos", 3-person teams of same gender (3 Men or 3 women), functional fitness team competition across 5 divisions, for athletes of all skill levels.  

Whether your are new to CF, or a veteran competitor, this event is for YOU!  Don't miss your chance to compete in this outdoor 3-person team event!  Grab 2 friends and build your power team. Register early, this event sells out every year!!


July1-July31: $225 per team ($75pp +processing fee*)  

AUG 1-AUG 31: $80/person ($240/ teams of 3*)

SEPT 1 -until Sold Out $90/person ($270/team of 3*)

5 DIVISIONS:  Men's Advanced/Rx, Mens' Intermediate, Women's Advanced/Rx, Women's Intermediate, FUN



One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members' names, emails, shirt sizes, birthdates, etc. available when registering.

Don't know which division to sign up for? No problem. Changes can be made online any time prior to  September 1st. Questions? Contact info@warrioraffiliateleague.com

3 Division. Prizes awarded Top 3 finishers in each division except FUN. Spectators FREE.

WORKOUT details TBA soon:  www.WarriorAffiliateLeague.com

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Athlete substitutions until day of event. Team substitution 15 days prior to event with written request to info@warrioraffiliateleague.com

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: Repetitions

Workout 1 - ISA-GRACE (7 min cap)

E1. ISABEL - 45 snatches for time, Rx 135/95, INT 115/65, FUN 45#

then, perform immediately after E4, for time:

E2 - GRACE - 45 Clean + Jerks 

then perform immediate after E5, for time:

E3. with remaining time: team will perform as many reps as possible Box Jump Overs (CF Regionals Style)


Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: Repetitions

Immediately after E4, perform for time:

E5 - "GRACE" 45 Clean & Jerks Rx 155/105, INT 135/85, FUN 65#

Then immediately after, perform E6:

with remaining time, perform as many reps as possible, Box Jump Overs (CF Regionals style) Men: 30", Women: 24"

Demo video for movement standards: http://www.warrioraffiliateleague.com

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Workout 1 

E1. ISABEL 45 snatches for time

E2. GRACE 45 Clean & Jerks for time

immediate after E4- GRACE, with remaining time

E3. perform as many reps as possible, Box Jump Overs (CF regionals style)

Men 30", Women 24"

For workout details and description visit: http://warrioraffiliateleague.com/

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: Repetitions

Workout 2 - E4. SANDBAGGING 

  • 30 sandbag ground to OH
  • 40 sandbag bear complex
  • 50 sandbag shoulder to OH
  • 70-FT sandbag walking lunge

Rx 80#/60#, INT 60#/40#, FUN 30#

WOD Description: On 3-2-1...GO! A1 will enter grid to perform chipper as described above. A2 and A3 will wait behind the start line until tag into grid by teammate. Only one athlete may work at one time. Athletes will share rep scheme and exchange at anytime throughout the event. Score will be fastest time to complete chipper. Time cap: 7 minutes.


Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

E5-E6 will begin, after E4 with 1 minute transition: 

E5 - Max effort Sled Push/Pull* (A2/A3)

E6 - Max Team Calorie SKI ERG (A1)

*sled weight TBA on day of event during athlete briefing.

WOD Description: A1 begins at Ski Erg. A2 begins at sled push/pull. A3 rests, remaining at the start line. Only one athlete may work at one time at each station. Athletes may switch at any station at anytime during the workout. (2) separate scores will be generated: E5 - Team MAX SLed Push/Pull, and E6 - Team Max CAL SKI ERG.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

E5-E6 will immediately follows E4, after 1 minute transition period. 

E5. As many repetitions as possible - Sled Push/pull*

*sled weight TBA during athlete briefing on day of event.

E6. Max Team Calorie SKI ERG

WOD Description: On 3-2-1..GO! A1 will perform max CAL ski Erg, while A2 performs sled push/pull. A3 will remain behind the start line. E5 and E6 will be performed at the same. All athletes may exchange at any station throughout event. Only one athlete may perform task at one time. WOD 3 will have (2) separate scores: E5 - Max sled push/pull accumulated by team, and E6 - MAX CAL SKI ERG generated by team.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

As a team, perform as many repetitions as possible in 3 minutes: burpee over wall  

Wall Height: Men 6-FT wall, Women: 5-FT wall 

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: Repetitions

Workout 5 - Event 8

AXLE BAR CLEAN SPEED LADDER - for time (3 minute cap)

  • 6 axle bar clean
  • 5 axle bar clean
  • 4 axle bar clean
  • 3 axle bar clean
  • 2 axle bar clean

Men Rx 150/180/200/220/240

Men INT 110/130/150/180/200

Women Rx 90/110/120/130/150

Women INT 50/70/90/110/120

FUN and fun 40/50/55/60/70

For details and workout description visit www.warrioraffiliateleague.com/