CF Strathmore's End of FITNESS Year

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

CF Strathmore's first in-house comp!

Designed to be a day of fun celebrating our awesome members! WODS will be fast, fun and of course challenging.

Finish the EOFY with a massive day of training and a massive day of fun. BBQ, beers and shots to celebrate.

Individual competition with Beginner and Intermediate/RX levels, and prizes for the podiums.

3 WODS testing different fitness domains plus a final WOD for the top four from each division. 

Be there by 7am for athlete briefing at 7.15. First WOD starts 7.30am!

Family and friends welcome to support and eat + drink. Only CF Strathmore members will be allowed to compete.

We encourage everyone to compete!

Now let the registrations flow in!!!

Tux, Mariette, Col & Simon

($5 entry contributes to the registration/scoring platform and BBQ costs - thanks!)

Movement standards

Intermediate/RX has deliberately been made accessable - we strongly encourage everyone who meets even 1 rep of these standards to sign up for this division. if you're unsure of which division to enter, check with your coaches and we'll happily guide you. 

Clean (Squat or power) 40/25
Thruster 40/25kg
G2O 40/25kg
Double-unders or skips x 2.
Kettlebell Swing 24/16kg (handle to eye-level)
Pull-Ups (chin to bar) or Jumping x 2.
Assault Bike.
Wallball 9/6kg

Clean 30/15kg.
Thruster 30/15kg.
G2O 30/15kg.
Kettlebell Swing 20/12kg (handle to eye-level)
Jumping Pull-ups.
Assault Bike.
Wallball 6/3kg.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: Deadlifts Completed:

Clean Ladder. Starting at the opening barbell, athletes have 1 minute to complete ONE successful clean of each weight. They can have as many attempts within the minute, but only progress if they complete the full clean once within that minute.

Squat clean or power clean is acceptable. The bar must be taken from the floor. Hang cleans are NOT acceptable.

Max Clean (from floor – power or squat). 1 minute per barbell.


When you fail, max deadlift reps for the remainder of the minute.

Score: total completed cleans + deadlifts as a decimal. IE, if you successfully finished the first 3 clean stations, but failed on number 4 and pulled 15 deadlift reps at station 4, your score is 3.15.

Once you fail a clean and decide to move to deadlifts, you do notprogress to the next minute.

Starting weights are as follows: Mens weights will increase by 10kg per station, and ladies weights by 5kg per station.

Men int/RX: 40kg

Ladies int/RX: 25kg

Men beginner: 30kg

Ladies beginner: 15kg

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 16

"Alyona" - Russian Helen.

3 Rounds for time - 15 minute time cap.

1 x Bridge Run

21 x Russian Kettlebell Swings

12 x Pull Ups (Chin to bar Int/RX, Jumping Beginner.)


If you don't complete the workout within the 15 minute cap, your score will be 15.00 with one second added per remaining rep (based on 12/24 pull-ups per round depending on the movement you opt for.)

KBS weight:

Int/RX 24/16kg

Beginner 20/12kg

Int/RX can opt to do jumping pullups x 24 reps per round - but the same movement must be used for every round. IE, you can't do chin to bar one round and jumping the next.


Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

WOD 3: "WTF" (worse than Fran)

How far can you go?


2 x Thrusters

20 x Double Unders (RX/INT) – 30 x Single Skips (Beginner)


Thrusters increment by 2 reps each minute. Score = total reps completed before athelete fails to meet the work requirement within a minute.

Thruster weights:

INT/RX - 40/25kg

Beginner - 30/15kg

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Final: Top 4 from each division. “Elimination Chipper.”

Last off the wallballs,= is eliminated (so you start with 4 athletes on the rower and wallballs. The first 3 off the WB continue to G20 etc. Last two battle it out on the assault bike.

50 Cal Rower (all athletes)

40 Wall-ball (all athletes)

30 G2O (3 athletes)

20 Assault Bike Calories (2 athletes)


Wall Balls @ 9/6kg Int/RX, 6/3kg Beginner

G2O @ 40/25kg Int/RX, 30/15kg Beginner.

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...