CF Strathmore's End of FITNESS Year

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

CF Strathmore's first in-house comp!

Designed to be a day of fun celebrating our awesome members! WODS will be fast, fun and of course challenging.

Finish the EOFY with a massive day of training and a massive day of fun. BBQ, beers and shots to celebrate.

Individual competition with Beginner and Intermediate/RX levels, and prizes for the podiums.

3 WODS testing different fitness domains plus a final WOD for the top four from each division. 

Be there by 7am for athlete briefing at 7.15. First WOD starts 7.30am!

Family and friends welcome to support and eat + drink. Only CF Strathmore members will be allowed to compete.

We encourage everyone to compete!

Now let the registrations flow in!!!

Tux, Mariette, Col & Simon

($5 entry contributes to the registration/scoring platform and BBQ costs - thanks!)

Movement standards

Intermediate/RX has deliberately been made accessable - we strongly encourage everyone who meets even 1 rep of these standards to sign up for this division. if you're unsure of which division to enter, check with your coaches and we'll happily guide you. 

Clean (Squat or power) 40/25
Thruster 40/25kg
G2O 40/25kg
Double-unders or skips x 2.
Kettlebell Swing 24/16kg (handle to eye-level)
Pull-Ups (chin to bar) or Jumping x 2.
Assault Bike.
Wallball 9/6kg

Clean 30/15kg.
Thruster 30/15kg.
G2O 30/15kg.
Kettlebell Swing 20/12kg (handle to eye-level)
Jumping Pull-ups.
Assault Bike.
Wallball 6/3kg.