FFL YVR 2019 Season 2 Playoffs

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Didn't have time to commit to a whole season?

Register a team to compete just in the Playoffs! 


  • Teams that have taken part in the season will have a ranking (score) for 'event 1' of playoffs (the season) 
    • This will give them a 1-6 point leading going into playoffs
  • Teams that register for just playoffs (via competition corner) will come into playoffs with 0 points 
  • Playoffs will consist of (minimum) 3 qualifier events (and 4+ scores)
  • The top 2 teams in each division will compete in a head to head final at playoffs


  • Price: $320 for a team of 6-8 Athletes
    • Includes promo code for FFL shirt/tanks for $15
  • Teams:
    • We recommend a team of 6 athletes
    • Each event will require 2 men + 2 women 
    • Everyone is garenteed a minimum of 4 events before cuts are made for head to head finals