Event description

Please CLICK HERE for the SiD Origins Rulebook.

12 person team, combining 7 males, 5 females and a masters athlete of each sex. One master must be 40+ and the other 35+. The combined age of the masters athletes must be at least 75.

Teams are strongly encouraged to register more than 12 athletes at the time of registration to allow for injury. During the qualifier stages, it does not have to be the same team of 12 athletes that contribute towards the qualifier scores. The best athlete scores (Q1 individual, Q2 pairs and Q3 teams of 4) can be submitted for each workout. All athletes must however be registered on the system at the time of registration. Final teams will also be selected from the original registered pool of athletes.

QUALIFIER 1 Individual Workout – Sunday 7 July 2019 – Sunday 28 July 2019

QUALIFIER 2 Pairs Workout – Sunday 4 August 2019 – Sunday 25 August 2019

QUALIFIER 3 Team of 4 workout – Sunday 1 September 2019 – Sunday 29 September 2019

The top 68 teams following the online qualifiers (+ the 2018 champion team and an invitational team) will be invited to the SiD Origins Final, over the weekend of Saturday 30 November – Sunday 1 December 2019. The final will be hosted at The University of Bath, UK

From the moment we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs.

Team Entry Fee:
Your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event, hiring facilities, hiring and buying equipment; as such, we unfortunately do not offer a refund on any team entry fees once a payment has been made. For those teams successful enough to be invited to the Final event (if applicable), there will be an additional entry fee due. If, post receiving such subsequent fees, we are forced to cancel the Final event then all these teams will receive a full refund (less any booking fees) for this Final weekend entry fee only.