Bows and Barbells 2019

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

BOWS & BARBELLS 2019 is here!





All workouts and movement standards are up! The floater will be announced in July. View our IG tv to see the workouts performed!

We promise an exciting all female competition full of sweat, smiles, laughter, and all around encouraging atmosphere for beginners to advanced athletes. 

$160 Registration for the team includes 3 workouts, 1 floater, women’s muscle tees for both partners and bows for every athlete!


Please follow our Instagram @bowsandbarbellsfitness to stay up to date with competition information!#bowsandbarbells #strongissexy

Final day to register and receive an athlete tank top is August 9th, 2019.  Athletes registered after that date will not receive a tank top. Registration closes on August 31st, 2019. We SELL OUT every year so sign up early!

*Refund Policy: No refunds. Partner changes are allowed although tank top sizes may not be changed once they are ordered. Thank you!

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 8

Workout #1

With an 8 minute running clock, the team will complete...

6 rounds of:

5 Deadlifts 135/185#

10 Burpees over the bar

*Partners must alternate rounds. The score will be for time. Once Workout #1 is complete, teams will immediately begin Workout #2.

Movement Standards

Deadlift- A traditional deadlift with hands outside of the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the Barbells is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the shoulders behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. Deliberate bouncing of the bar is not allowed. Dropping the bar after completion of the repetition is permitted. Hitching is permitted, as long as full extension of the knees and hips is eventually reached.

Burpee- At the bottom position, the athletes cheat and hips must touch the ground. When the the athlete jumps over the bar, both feet must be together for the rep to count. Remember you must jump over the bar to complete the movement.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


Single Arm Kettlebell Complex

3 Russian KB Swings 18/35#

2 KB Cleans 

1 KB Press

*One Partner works while the other partner holds the deadlift from Workout #1. Partners must alternate rounds. A round is completing the complex on the right and left arm, then trade places with your partner. The score will be rounds and reps completed.


Partner A must hold the deadlift from Workout #1 in order for Partner B to begin working on the KB complex. 
If the barbell is dropped at anytime, the partner working on the KB must stop working as well; reps only count when the deadlift is being held. 
Partners may rest at any point if needed and continue where they left off when ready.

WORKOUT #2 Standards

DEADLIFT HOLD: Traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the shoulders behind the bar. From this standing position, the athlete will hold the deadlift using a regular grip or reverse grip while their partner completes the KB complex. 

RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL SWING: The KB starts on the ground, the Athlete will pick up the KB as soon as their partner is in deadlift hold position and begin the complex. The swing start with the kettlebell just below the groin (above the knees) and is swung to shoulder height of athlete working forming a 90 degree angle. You may swing slightly higher as it’s natural to build momentum but anything lower than shoulder height will result in a no rep. 

KETTLEBELL CLEAN: Unless you need to rest, the complex is a continuous movement and the KB clean will begin with the kettlebell just below the groin (above the knees) and is pulled close the body in a vertical path to the shoulder allowing the KB to gently roll over the forearm and rest between the forearm, bicep and shoulder.

KETTLEBELL PRESS: Athletes may strict press, push press or push jerk the final movement of the complex so long as full lock out of the arm, hips and knees are reached. If a split jerk is performed, both feet must return and be in line under the athlete’s body while the dumbbell is locked out overhead.

CHANGING HANDS FOR COMPLEX: After completing the 3-2-1 complex for one arm, athletes may choose to either switch hands below the waist or by returning the kettlebell to the ground and picking it back up.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 8


20 Calorie Row

40 Alternating DB Snatches 20/35#

6 Clean at 65/115#

6 Cleans at 75/125#

6 Cleans at 85/135#

6 Cleans at 95/145#

6 Cleans at 100/150#

Partners will share and divide work as a team. Each partner must complete at least one rep of every movement.

*The score will be for time with a time cap of 8 minutes.

WORKOUT #3 Standards

ROWING: The athlete may begin the workout seated in the rower but may not grab the handle until the call of “go.” The monitor must be set to zero to begin the 10 calorie row. The athlete may adjust the feet straps and row damper to their liking.

ALTERNATING DB SNATCHES: The DB must touch the floor every rep. The snatch will be one complete motion from the ground to overhead, a press out will be allowed at the top and the athlete must reach full extension at lockout over head and show control of the DB before returning the DB back to the ground. You may trade hands at any point below the waist so long as the DB touches the floor between each rep.

CLEANS: This is a standard clean from the ground to the shoulders. The barbell begins on the ground. Touch and go is permitted. No bouncing. A muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean may be used as long as the barbell starts from the ground for every rep and comes up to the shoulders, with the hips and knees fully extended, the feet in line and the elbows in front of the bar. Dropping the bar before reaching full extension will result in a no rep.

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better


2 Minutes of Max Effort Bench Press

*Pick one weight to use for the two minute max effort. The score will be weight x reps for total weight moved. Partners will trade places as needed. Both partners must use the same weight.

Floater Standards

BENCH PRESS: Each rep of the bench press begins and ends with the arms in full extension. When gripping the barbell, the athlete’s pinky finger may not be outside the second grip ring on the bar. The athlete’s thumbs must be wrapped around the barbell. At the bottom, the barbell must make contact with the chest. The athlete’s feet must remain in contact with the floor (plates may be used for shorter athletes to obtain a good foot placement). The athlete’s glutes and shoulders must remain in contact with the bench for the duration of the rep. If the athlete needs a spotter, the judge or partner may assist, but that rep will not count.