Pandaland CrossFit®️ Challenge (Qualifier)

Event description


PCC即Pandaland CrossFit® Challenge。作为CrossFit Games 2020的区域赛之一,将于2019年12月7日到8日,在成都举办。和所有区域赛一样,它将汇聚来自全球的顶级CrossFit运动员,为争夺2020年CrossFit Games入场券而战。

As one of the sanctioned events for CrossFit Games 2020, PCC will be held in chengdu on December 7-8th, 2019. It will bring top CrossFit athletes from all around the world to Chengdu to fight for a ticket to the CrossFit Games 2020.


  • 本次PCC的晋级资格将以THE 2020 OPEN成绩排名为准。团体成绩以队员个人成绩加总计算。也就是说所有PCC选手须参加THE 2020 OPEN并获得有效成绩。
  • 和THE 2020 OPEN一样,PCC也将设置Rx组与Sc组。让更多的CFer有机会拥有区域赛的竞技体验。
  • THE 2020 OPEN与PCC的晋级路线图请见下图。

The qualification of PCC will be subject to the ranking of THE 2020 OPEN. Team scores are calculated by adding individual scores. In other words, all of the PCC athletes must participate in THE 2020 OPEN and get effective scores.
Like THE 2020 OPEN, PCC will also set up Rx group and Sc group. Let more CFers have the opportunity to have a competitive experience of sanctioned events.
The PCC promotion roadmap is shown in the figure below.


  • 所有参与PCC的运动员及团体,需要分别完成THE 2020 OPEN和PCC的报名。
  • “团体”成员须为两男两女,共四人。
  • THE 2020 OPEN和PCC均设置有个人Rx与Sc组、团体Rx与Sc组,每位运动员只能在“个人”或“团体”中选择一种形式参赛。
  • 同一名/组选手在THE 2020 OPEN和PCC报名的组别须一致。
  • 同一团体中的运动员在THE 2020 OPEN和PCC报名的组别须相同。
  • 如果PCC参赛团队中的运动员欲改以个人形式参赛,其可以被已提交至少一个THE 2020 OPEN成绩的另一名运动员替换,只要该运动员未在任何其他团队中注册。
  • 注册后我们不提供任何退款。

All athletes and teams participating in PCC need to complete THE 2020 OPEN and PCC registration respectively.

The members of a “team” shall be two men and two women, consisting of four persons.

There are individual Rx and Sc groups, and team Rx and Sc groups for both THE 2020 OPEN and PCC. Each athlete may only choose one of the “individual” or “team” to register.

Every athlete/team should be registered in the same category of THE 2020 OPEN and PCC.

Athletes from the same team should be registered in the same category of THE 2020 OPEN and PCC .

If an athlete on a team wants to compete as an individual, he/she can be replaced by another athlete that has submitted at least one 2020 OPEN score, as long as that athlete has not been registered to any other team.

Please note we do not offer any refund after the registration.