BOA Nashville, TN - 4 Athletes Born in 4 Different Decades or Same Decade

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Teams of four Mixed Decades

Divisions: Male , Female and Coed 2/2

Teams can be any combo of four different decades. That can be done two ways. 

Four different numerals in the start of the age. Ex. (20,40,50,60) 

Four different birth decades. Ex. (1970's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's.)

Teams can't be a combination of both. 

  • No Refunds 
  • Can substitute members at anytime up to start of event as long as age requirements are met.
  • Bring your tents and a cooler.

Teams of Four Same Decade

All members of the team must have the first number of the age the same. 


Teens - 13, 17, 19, 18 -  Twenties - 21, 22, 27, 29 - Thirties - 30, 33, 37, 39


Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

15 Minutes

Team cumulative max snatch. Each athlete will get a max. Any type of snatch is acceptable. There will only be one bar for the entire team.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

15 Min AMRAP - One dumb bell only.

Weighted lunge relay - Dumbbell can be carried any way. Athletes can switch anytime except during the lunge. Athletes may move about at anytime.

While carrying a dumbbell lunge 25' in one direction - Every 5' will represent a point. Back knee must touch the ground each time. A step in lieu of a lunge will require the athlete to return to the previous 5' line. While passing the end line the entire front foot must clearly pass the line and when the athlete stands up both feet will be across. Athlete must completely stand up with hips fully extended after each lunge.

Once past the 25' mark the athlete will complete 1 box step over then lunge back and complete 1 dumb bell snatch. At the end of the 25' athletes can change out at that time but 2 dumbbell snatches or 2 box overs are completed prior to next 25' lunge. Snatches and box step overs will happen at each end of the 25' span and go up by one rep each time. Snatches will be at one end and box step overs at the other.

There will be a rower at each station accumulating max calories. Calories will be a point each. Athletes may switch at any time.

Dumbbell weights
Male RX - 50
Mixed Rx - 40
Female RX - 35
Male Scaled - 35
Mixed Scaled - 25
Female Scaled - 20

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: Calories accumulated on the bike.

15 mins

This is a ascending rep sequence. 2-4-6-8-10………. Athletes can pick the movements they will perform. All athletes are not required to do each movement.

Start with two reps of each movement then go up by two reps each round. Only two reps must be completed the first round for each movement and can be done any way. One athlete works at a time with exception of assault bike. The reps must go unbroken for all movements except for double unders. If a double under/single set is not unbroken then the set must start over from the beginning of that round. Any of the other movements fail to go unbroken that athlete is out and another athlete must step in and complete that round unbroken. The reps that were completed by an athlete that has broken will not count. Once an athlete is out the workout continues with three athletes until know one is left. If there is only one athlete left and they can't go unbroken on a set they may choose to finish with calories on the assault bike. Score is total reps plus calories.

RX - Movements will go in this order.
Thrusters - 95 Male RX - 75 Mixed RX - Female RX 65
Pull ups
Wall balls

Assault bike will be accumulating as many calories as possible the entire 15 Mins.

Thruster - Male - 75, Mixed - 55. Female - 45
Ring Rows - Broken will be when chest does not reach the rings or midline breaks down.
Wall Balls
Knee Tucks

Assault bike will be accumulating as many calories as possible the entire 15 Mins.

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

11 Min AMRAP For Pounds - Cleans from the floor. Split anyway among team. The team will have only one bar and will add weight at each round. Mixed teams will use the same weight and bar.

0-2 Mins

Male RX - 95
Female RX- 65
Mixed RX - 75
Male Scaled - 65
Female Scaled - 45
Mixed Scaled - 55

2-4 Mins

Male RX - 135
Female RX- 95
Mixed RX - 105
Male Scaled - 95
Female Scaled - 65
Mixed Scaled - 75

4-6 Mins

Male RX - 185
Female RX- 125
Mixed RX - 135
Male Scaled - 135
Female Scaled - 95
Mixed Scaled - 115

6-8 Mins

Male RX - 225
Female RX- 145
Mixed RX - 175
Male Scaled - 165
Female Scaled - 115
Mixed Scaled - 135

8-10 Mins 

Male RX - 255
Female RX- 175
Mixed RX - 205
Male Scaled - 185
Female Scaled - 135
Mixed Scaled - 175

Min 10-11 All divisions pick weight. The weight must go up from the final round.