Event description

The SFN Expo 2019 sees the return of the team behind the the Scottish Throwdown in an electrifying change of pace and scale.

This year the Glasgow Classic will redefine the face of functional fitness competitions in Scotland, widening access to the affiliates and individuals that make our sport so exciting.

The Finals, held at the prestigious Scottish exhibition Campus, will enable Rx teams and individuals to test themselves across a broad range of physical tasks while the pairs and masters competitions allow athletes to showcase thei work capacity without the need for advanced technical ability. There is truly something for everyone.

Substitutes may be made on registered qualifying individuals, pairs and teams upon discussion with the event organisers.

The qualifying workouts for individuals will be released on a weekly basis from Thursday 6th June 2019 and athletes will have until Thursday 4th July 2019 to complete all workouts.

The qualifying workouts for pairs will be released in full from Monday 15th July 2019 and athletes will have three weeks to complete the workouts.

Finalists will made comprised of:

40 individual athletes (20x males & 20x Females)

20 paired teams (10x male pairs & 10x female pairs)

20 masters 80+ teams (10x male pairs & 10x female pairs)

10 masters 90+ teams (5x male pairs & 5x female pairs)

20 Affiliate teams

NB: Some categories may be expanded in the event of unanticipated demand at the sole discretion of the event organisers.

The Glasgow Classic Ltd will provide no refunds following registration.