Battle Cancer Fit Berlin

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

We’re beyond excited to bring Battle Cancer to Beach Mitte in Berlin in 2019.

MC’d by CrossFit Grenzgänger coach and Nike Master trainer, Alex Hipwell, Berlin is set to be a high-octane Battle Cancer comp not to be missed.

No qualifiers, no advanced gymnastics, and no extreme standards, our workouts are designed so that professional athletes may compete next to experienced gym-goers, first-timers and cancer survivors. 

Standards are as follows for men/women, all weights are in kilograms:

Kettlebell 24/16, Dumbbell 20/15, Plates 20/15, Slam Balls 50/30, Wall Balls 9/6

Expect our iconic Battle Cancer live DJ sets, mass warm up and incredible vibe, along with special guests, food vendors and brand partners.

Spectate for free!

If one of the team is injured or unable to compete for any reason, you can just bring a replacement on the day. We only ask that the new athlete or athletes sign a waiver to compete. We cannot change the t-shirt size requested. Teams of four only - no extra substitutes.

Sorry, we don't offer refunds under any circumstances but you’re welcome to sell your ticket to another team.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

8 min AMRAP

Part A

Max Partner Carry Laps



*2 athletes on 1 lap at a time and cant interchange athletes during the lap.

*The 2 Athletes on the lap can switch between each other during the lap.

*Athletes can they interchange once the lap has been completed.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Part B

8 min AMRAP

10 Wheel Barrow Lengths

30 Synchro Sit-Ups

60 Partner Jumps

*Once one pair returns from the carry lap teams can interchange athletes


Wheel Barrow – ( 2 athletes working) 1 athlete travelling on their hands while the second athlete walks or runs holding their fellow athlete's legs off the ground. Athletes can only switch at the other end. Length starts with the standing athlete with legs behind the line. Lane ends when the crawling athletes’ hands both cross the line.


Synchro Sit Ups – ( 2 athletes working) 2 athletes sit facing each other, they can be as close as they wish. The rep starts with both athletes sat upright. They both fall backwards and touch the ground behind their head and sit back up and high five in the middle to end the rep.

Synchronising element is the high five.


Partner Jumps -  (1 Working 1 resting) 1 athlete lays on the ground while the remaining athlete jumps 2 footed over the laying athlete. They must take off and land 2 footed.


Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 20

For Time (20 minute time cap to complete both WOD 2 & 3)

Athlete A runs out with 1 x Water Carrier and runs back carrying 1 x Keg

Athlete B runs out, collects and runs back 1 x Water Carrier, then run out, collects and runs back 1 x Keg

Athlete C Run out 1 x Water Carrier runs back and carries out 1 x Keg

Athlete C Run out, collects and runs back 1 x Water Carrier, then run out, collects and runs back 1 x Keg

(Resting athletes must hold the worm off the ground in a front rack position)

On completion of the carries, the team must then complete 4 lengths of Front Rack Worm Lunges

Score: Time ends after the 4 worm lunge lengths have been completed (MM:SS)

On completion of the 4 lengths, the team's time is taken for WOD 2 and WOD 3 can begin.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP Time Remaining


2 athletes Worm Ground to Shoulder

2 athletes Burpee Over Worm

*2 working, 2 resting

*Resting pair must hold the keg and water carrier off the ground

*Pairs can tag in and out as often as they wish

After the Ground to Shoulder reps are completed, athletes run to the opposite end of the lane with the Worm and complete the burpees.

After the burpee reps are completed, athletes must run back with the Worm and start the next round of Ground to shoulder.

This continues for the time remaining up to 20 minutes.


WOD Notes

Score = REPS

Ground to Shoulder – 2 athletes must pitch the worm up from the ground, move it over the head and then drop or place it on the ground. Rep starts on the ground and finishes on the ground the other side.

(Resting athletes can tag in and out as much as they wish)


Burpee Over Worm

2 Athletes start on opposite sides of the worm.

They jump down to the chest on the floor, return to their feet and then jump across to the opposite sides of the worm two-footed to complete the rep. The synchronised part is at the jump.

(Resting athletes can tag in and out as much as they wish)

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


10 min AMRAP

Max Cal on the Ski Erg.

In order to get to the ski erg an athlete must complete the following:

6 Shuttle Sprint Lengths

4 Sandbag Sprint Lengths

2 Bear Crawl Lengths

Each time an athlete stops skiing they must then complete the above shuttle complex.


WOD Notes

Score = AMRAP (Cal)

Ski Erg – Aim is for the team to complete as many Calories as possible in 10 minutes.

In order to get to the ski erg an athlete must complete the following:

6 Shuttle Sprint Lengths, 4 Sandbag Sprint Lengths, 2 Bear Crawl Lengths.

Shuttle Sprint Lengths – Start with feet behind the line, run up lane, at the other end touch 1 hand across the line (1 length completed) run back and repeat until 6 lengths have been completed.

Sandbag Sprint – Starting behind the line. Pick up sandbag (males = larger section / females = smaller section) Sprint up and back the lane 4 times. At the end of every length the athlete must drop the bag over the end line and pick it back up.

Bear Crawl -  Starting with feet behind the line. Crawl on hands and feet until both hands cross the line at the other end (1 length completed) return back to end length 2)

Once the above shuttle complex has been completed this athlete can then start skiing. This athlete can stay on the ski erg for as long as they want. However, once they stop skiing they cannot start again until they have completed the sprint complex. Only 1 athlete at a time can complete the complex but once an athlete has completed it the next can start. After completing the complex athletes can wait and queue to use the ski erg.


Score is total calories skied in the 10 minutes.