Signature AMBUSH (Partner M/F)

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Signature AMBUSH returns...but this time it's with a partner! Guy/Gal teams. Remember that duo, Bonnie & Clyde? Yeah, you're going to be hurting at the end of the two hours!

If you LOVE to compete, but hate how long competitions take. Well then this competition is PERFECT for you and your partner!

No more waking up super early to register and hear the athlete briefing and then having to wait 2 hours til your first WOD. No more waiting hours between WODs. No more having to warm up and cool down between WODS. No more packing food to last you all day at the comp. No more fighting for warm up equipment with folks from different divisions

Signature AMBUSH you will get 5 Scored Events and done in under 2 hours. This competition is designed to really test the athletes to perform with short rest periods. As soon as the last heat is finished, we'll get things ready for the next workout with heat one. 

Athletes will check-in: 1-hour before their division time slot. 

Scaled teams estimated start time 8:00am.
RX teams estimated start time 10:30am. 

We are only taking 20 teams in each division. 

Workouts to be released late June. 


NO Refunds. NO pop-up tents, just bring your gym bag. 
NO pets. 

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...