Signature AMBUSH (Partner M/F)

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Signature AMBUSH returns...but this time it's with a partner! Guy/Gal teams. Remember that duo, Bonnie & Clyde? Yeah, you're going to be hurting at the end of the two hours!

If you LOVE to compete, but hate how long competitions take. Well then this competition is PERFECT for you and your partner!

No more waking up super early to register and hear the athlete briefing and then having to wait 2 hours til your first WOD. No more waiting hours between WODs. No more having to warm up and cool down between WODS. No more packing food to last you all day at the comp. No more fighting for warm up equipment with folks from different divisions

Signature AMBUSH you will get 5 Scored Events and done in under 2 hours. This competition is designed to really test the athletes to perform with short rest periods. As soon as the last heat is finished, we'll get things ready for the next workout with heat one. 

Athletes will check-in: 1-hour before their division time slot. 

Scaled teams estimated start time 8:00am.
RX teams estimated start time 10:30am. 

We are only taking 20 teams in each division. 

WOD 1: Powered by Meals of Steel
8 Minutes (4 minutes Part A, 4 minutes Part B)
Part A: 1RM Strict Press
Part B: 1RM Snatch
The team will have only 4 minutes per movement to find their heaviest lift. This is a two score event. Part A is one score and Part B is another score.

WOD 2: Powered by Axtion Apparel
DB Burpee Box Step/Jump Overs
RX: 2x 50/35lb DBs
Scaled: 2x 35/25lb DBs
The team will have 5 minutes to accumulate as many reps as possible for their score. All men will use a 24" box. All women will use a 20" box. 

WOD 3: Powered by Chalk Monster
Min 1 & 3: Synchronized DB Thrusters
Min 2 & 4: RX C2B / Scaled Pull-ups
The team will try and accumulate as many reps as possible in each movement per minute. All reps will be combined for total score. RX 50/35 DBs / Scaled 35/25 DBs. There is no minimum work requirement on the C2B/Pull-ups. 

WOD 4: Powered by Raise the Barbelle
8 minute cap, score is for time.
35 Calories Row (Split Anyway)
35 Deadlifts (Partner A)
50 Wall Balls (Split Anyway)
35 Deadlifts (Partner B)
35 Calories Row (Split Anyway)
Team will try and complete the workout as fast as possible. Any rep NOT completed, will be added as an additional second on the final time (8:00). The team can pick which partner will go first on the deadlifts and who will complete the second set. 
RX: 225/155, WBs 20/14 to 11/10' targets
Scaled: 185/125, WBs 20/14 to 10/9' targets 


NO Refunds. NO pop-up tents, just bring your gym bag. 
NO pets.