Canadian FireFighter Appreciation Day 2019

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

FFAD 2019 is returning as part of the Milton Fall Fair, in front of the Grandstands, just before smash-up derby!  Limited number of teams will be accepted (first register, first play!) for 2019.


What is FFAD?

Would your workouts prepare you for the challenges of a firefighter?

Come fight it out for a great cause!  Join Reebok FirePower and Milton Fire Services for a fun unique fitness competition either as a competitor or as a spectator for this unique event! Proceeds going to the Canadian Fallen FireFighters Foundation to provide education and job training for families of fallen firefighters and contribute to the CFFF memorial fund. Competition is open to general public & all service personnel. Current firefighters also welcome to test their own fitness in a fun and challenging environment. 

Team Competition Details:

  • Teams of 4 people – any combination of men/women. 
  • Limited # teams to be accepted. Only 10 civilian and 5 active duty firefighter teams
  • Waiver forms must be completed by guardian if under 18.
  • Cost per team:  Civilians $400; Active Duty FF $350
  • Event proceeds to go to the Canadian Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation.

Competition Workouts:

  • Events to be performed in actual bunker gear and SCBAs (provided to all civilian teams)
  • Fitness activities designed to mimic real-life activities of fire fighters
  • May include: sledgehammering, hose pulling, rope climbing, ladder carries, tire flipping, body drags, etc
  • Workouts are intense – be prepared to work extremely hard and strategize with your teammates
  • All 911’s are welcome to participate in teams together or combined with civilians.  Active FF are encouraged to bring their own bunker gear.  SCBA’s will be provided.


Kids and families are welcome to experience the day with Fall Fair admission. Food & drinks will be available for purchase inside the Milton Fair.



Since this is a charity event, there are no refunds available for registrations. However athlete substitutions are accepted.  Please log into your Competition Corner account to make substitution or email us at


All event details can be found on the web site and/or will be emailed to participants in advance of the event. 

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Sponsored by Milton Fire Department

12min time cap . 4 stations:  1 team member starts at each station.  All 4 team members will be working at the same time. Upon 3-2-1 GO, athletes will perform the required skill to accumilate as many reps as possible in 3 minutes.  At the 3 minute mark each athlete will rotate to a different station (in order) and begin accumulating as many reps as possible.  This pattern will continue until all athletes have completed each of the 4 stations to a max of 12 minutes.  Note: the transition time is included in the 3 minutes of work time - every rep counts!

  • Station 1- Max # Stair Climbs (with hi-rise pack)
  • Station 2 - Max # Roof Ladder Lifts - Ground to OH
  • Station 3 - Max Distance on a Kaizer
  • Station 4 - Max # Lengths of hose pull and drag 

Score will be cumulative reps from each station collected by all athletes in 12 minutes. Gear Required: Bunker pants and jacket , SCBA (no mask)

***details subject to change***

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Sponsored by HikVision Canada

12min time cap Teams will work in pairs to move as much water (using a pail) through an obstacle course to fill their designated bin on the other side. After a pair empties their bucket, the next pair may start following the same process while the first pair returns to the start line.  They will cycle through until the time cap of 12 minutes is reached.

Score will be the depth measurement (inches) of water collected in their team's bin.

Note: if a pair's bucket is accidentally knocked over on obstacle the course, they must continue though the course with their empty bucket. The next pair can not be released until the empty bucket reaches the designated bin area. 

Gear required: Bunker pants and jacket, SCBA (with mask)

***details subject to change***

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Sponsored by Reebok CrossFit FirePower

12min time cap Teams will have smoked out face masks and have 12 mins to follow (crawl) the hose lanes to retrieve as many "casualties" as possible.  Each casualty has a different point value (farthest away is worth the most points and points decrease in value the closer they get to the starting line).  Teams are free to strategize the order in which they will rescue the casualties.

Buy-in: 100 tire slams (P1/P2 to complete) and 100 ceiling breaches (P3/P4 to complete), simultaneously.  Teams can decide who does what movement. 

If one partnership completes the buy-in before the other pair, they may mask up and begin the retrieval of casaulties as a pair, or they can choose to wait for the other partnership before beginning if they'd prefer to navigate as a team of 4 while blacked out. They must at least remain with a partner at all times (no freelancing).

Gear: Bunker pants and jacket, SCBA(with mask for second portion).  **details subject to change**